Tuesday's Tutorial :: The Knotted Belt

Happy Tuesday! Today I'm talking the knotted belt. It is another fun way that you can wear your belts, whether with pants, skirts or tops.


Break away from the basic way of buckling your belt, and try a knotted belt the next time you're belting. You can achieve this look with a thin or thick belt, around your waist or around your hips!

Here's the tutorial ::

  • First, buckle the belt normally at the length that you're comfortable with; whether it's around your hips or your waist

DSC_0310 DSC_0313

  • When you put the belt through the buckle, don't put it through the second time. Instead, bring it in a loop underneath.


  • Bring the loop upward, and circle it back around the front of the secured belt on your waist or hip

DSC_0315 DSC_0316

  • Pull the knot securely and center it around your middle. Depending on how long or short your belt is, there will be some amount hanging down.


*A tip :: When I buy a belt that I plan to wear both around my waist at times, and my hips at times, I always buy one or two sizes too big. Then, I poke my own hole in the belt that will allow me to use it around the small of my waist, as I am doing here.


So try the knotted belt next time you're belting! I guarantee you'll receive a compliment or two, and love having another versatile way to belt.

Stay Stylish!