Menswear Monday {on a Tuesday}

Happy Tuesday! I apologize for my brief blogging hiatus. We spent the weekend in Nashville, and now it's back to the real world for me! Today's Menswear Monday {on a Tuesday} highlights my amazing experience with a custom clothier last week.

Many of my male clients are in need of suits, dress shirts, blazers, slacks and more. I took my most recent client to a custom clothier based in Atlanta to see the difference between a customized experience like this, and buying a suit from the store. I was blown away! First of all, the process is so much easier than perusing a store for the perfect suit. Jeff, the clothier, has over 2,000 fabric swatches to choose from; from suit fabrics, to dress shirts, to ties & jackets. And ontop of that, everything is truly CUSTOM. We even picked out the lining for the inside of each jacket, the buttons and the stitching around the buttons. Each suit is totally customized to your specific measurements, and has custom pockets throughout. Full canvas or half canvas is included in the price, as well as ALL alterations if any may be needed. Another fun fact? Your name is sewn into each of your suits. No more losing your navy blazer at weddings or cocktail parties!



Now, we'll address the price. The cost of a FULLY CUSTOM suit is less than any suit you will find at Brooks Brothers or Nordstrom. And those suits are priced pre-tailoring. The same goes for the blazers, pants and shirts. After this experience, I don't know how men could shop any other way! An hour of your time with no try-on yields you multiple new suits, dress shirts, pants & blazers. Men, I think I probably lost you at "1 hour and NO TRY-ON."

If you are interested in more information about this process, pricing and details, email me at

We'll see you tomorrow for Working Girl Wednesday, featuring the perfect nude shoe for spring & summer!

Stylishly Yours,