mary's revamp :: part two

Today we're taking you through part two of Mary's Wardrobe Revamp. For those of you who missed part one or need a refresher, you can read about Mary and her story here. After a major overhaul in her closet, we hit the stores! We started at Nordstrom and finished at LOFT, finding some great versatile sale pieces at both places, along with some wardrobe staples that Mary was in desperate need of. We accomplished a LOT in the two hours we spent shopping, and Mary left with a new wardrobe and a new outlook. I thought I would document this journey with a few photos, so enjoy!

Here she is modeling a few outfits. How adorable is she?!




Here are just some of Mary's many outfits that we were able to create using the pieces we bought ::





mary12 mary8


We were able to get everything on Mary's list and stay within her budget ::

  •  white jeans
  • dark wash jeans
  • peplum top
  • statement necklaces
  • black crop pant
  • colored crop pant
  • two dresses
  • two skirts
  • nude wedge
  • tan sandal
  • cardigans for when she does not want to show her arms in sleeveless tops or dresses
  • lightweight sweaters

All in all, it was a huge success and Mary was thrilled!


We loved having Mary's daughter-in-law, Jenna, along for the fun!

And a text I received from Mary's husband this morning {if you'll remember, Mary's husband, Craig, purchased this revamp for her for her birthday} This it the kind of feedback that makes me love my job even more :: mary text

mary pic

Many of you can relate to Mary's story. She gave and gave to her children, her husband and her job, and in turn neglected herself for a long while! This was much-deserved, and it was such a privilege to work with her and watch this transformation. LIFEstyled services truly are about having a new outlook, attitude & confidence, which Mary exuded after this process.

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Wishing you a happy Wednesday!