working girl wednesday :: breathable summer tops

It's Working Girl Wednesday! You'll have to pardon my little hiatus from this topic the past few weeks. But nevertheless, we're back and ready to give you some breathable summer top tips as the temperatures rise! Many of you work in office environments where they crank up the AC to arctic levels in the summer. You want to dress for that, but then you are drenched by the time you get to your {also hot} car. Wearing a breathable fabric can make all the difference. Try a sleeveless or short-sleeved top like the ones below, then throw on a cardigan or a blazer once you get inside the office.

This Anthropologie Archivist tee is the perfect short-sleeved option; made from super light, silky breathable fabric. The pattern is perfect to pair with a white slack or a colorful skirt/pant

here's a closeup of the material...

I love this Lush Roll Tab Sleeve from Nordstrom; a classic & timeless stripe with a drapey and flowy fit, perfect for a breathable, comfortable and stylish work look

A sleeveless option, this wrap front blouse from Nordstrom is both drapey and light. Pair with a white blazer or patterned cardigan when you get chilly inside the office. The drapey style also helps after a big lunch!

Another sleeveless option, this elephant print blouse from Anthro is perfect for those of you in a more laid-back, casual work environment.

this lightweight GAP fitted boyfriend shirt is the perfect long-sleeved option. Add a touch of femininity with a statement necklace

Another trick? A peep toe, although only exposing a slight bit of your feet, is WAY more breathable than a closed-toe pump.

Always look for a silky fabric that doesn't wrinkle when picking out work tops. A heavy cotton or anything that hugs and clings to you is only going to eliminate breathability and make you.  hotter. Linen looks great, but be careful when you wear it! The car ride to work could leave you wrinkled and unpolished for the rest of the day.

Hope these workwear tips help you during this hot summer ahead!

Stylishly Yours,