Fall Essentials


Happy Monday! I'm back from a long week at the beach; the crisp air of fall was waiting to greet me and it makes my heart happy. Since Fall is officially here, today I'm sharing some fall essentials that are super versatile and easy to pair with lots of items in your wardrobe.

1) The Vest. Okay, I know I've talked about the vest A LOT. That's because it is such a key layering piece for fall and winter, that it is a MUST-HAVE in your wardrobe. This is not optional, ladies... you need it!

This Topshop fur vest was a Nordstrom Anni sale purchase and I cannot WAIT to wear it. I'm thinking an all black outfit with leopard shoe and colorful jewelry this winter.

2) Floppy Hat. Bad hair day? Don't feel like washing or fixing it? Enter, your bad hair day's best friend... the felt hat. Perfect for adding to so many fall outfits! Many people think they can't pull off the hat look. Trust me, I've felt the same way! Give it a try and rock it, ladies.

Oxblood is a fall favorite of mine and this ribbon trim felt hat is no exception. Plus, it's only $28!

3) Tunic sweaters. These are another MUST for fall. Tunic sweaters are necessary for pairing with leggings. You want something that covers the booty and comes long in the front because it's the only appropriate way to wear leggings in public. Plus, they're comfy + cozy.

I love, love love this leopard tunic sweater from Jess Lea Boutique {currently sold out, but I'll keep you updated if/when she gets more in!}

4) Booties. If you need an explanation on why you need booties for fall and winter, just click HERE for my bootie blog post.

These JCrew booties are my go-to casual picks and they are SO comfy. CURRENTLY 30% OFF!

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