Comfy Chic Winter Basics


Happy Hump Day! It seems fitting that on this rainy day I am bringing you some of my favorite comfy chic winter basics. I have been searching for the most perfect, softest, quality tee shirt that is also flattering enough to wear out in public and not just while sitting on my couch. I'm also a huge fan of cozy capes for the winter and have been on the hunt for one that's neutral enough to wear with most everything. Today I'm sharing my finds with you...

Both my tee and my cape are from Cabi. If you haven't heard of it, you're missing out! I remember going to Cabi parties with my mom in high school, and let me just say they have stepped up their game in a major way since. I started seeing Cabi pieces in many of my clients' closets over the past few years, and finally decided it was time to try it for myself. I love that the pieces are made to be figure flattering and most of them are wardrobe staples. The price point is great for the quality of the clothing; you will never have to worry about it losing its shape, or only getting a few wears out of it. If you'd like to order either of the items below or explore their other pieces, you can click HERE to email my girl, Mara, who is absolutely wonderful, and receive free shipping on your order. If you prefer to browse her website, click HERE. {You will only receive free shipping by emailing her directly.}

Introducing, the perfect tee. It is SO soft {like want to sleep in it, never take off my body soft} and comes in multiple colors. I am a huge fan of this charcoal color. I love the v-neck because it flatters my figure better than a crew neck, and the tee gets a little bit tighter around the waistline so that it doesn't have that "tent-like effect." I paired it with my burgundy skinnies {a MUST for fall + winter!} and my go-to simple necklace. I have been LIVING in this tee so I can promise you it is worth the $79 price tag, which is NOT a price I would normally pay for a tee.

The cape is a winter necessity in my opinion. My husband describes it perfectly when he says, "it's like you're wearing a blanket." Why yes, yes it is... a flattering and stylish blanket. I have a few capes that have lots of different colors in them. They are great, but you can only do so much underneath. When I found this neutral cape that was also LEOPARD, I jumped for joy! It is the perfect weight; keeps you warm without being bulky whereas many other capes I've tried are so thin that they don't even serve as a warm layer. I threw it on over my favorite tee but have also worn it over the following :: black dress, burgundy dress, plaid button-down, white blouse, olive green, and even black + white polka dot. This cape is currently backordered due to popularity, but will be back in stock on December 10th. Click HERE to email Mara and get on the wait list NOW!