DIY Outfit Series :: Outfit #3 | Color Wheel Pairing

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday was one for the books as I was asked to style a glam bridal shoot at Ventana's in downtown Atlanta. Everything was beyond dreamy and I loved how the looks I pulled came together. Plus, you can't beat a photoshoot on a helipad with the Atlanta skyline as a backdrop {!!} Here's a little peek...

photo by Lauren Carnes Photography

photo by Lauren Carnes Photography

This shoot made me long for spring and with the warmer temperatures in Atlanta this week, I've decided to make outfit #3 a little bit brighter, inspired by yesterday's colors. 

OUTFIT #3 :: COLOR WHEEL PAIRING | Chartreuse + Violet Color Family 

It all starts with The Color Wheel, y'all! So take your brains back to elementary school... remember this? You can use this as a tool for your outfit building as well. Look how Yellow & Violet, and Yellow-Green {chartreuse} and Red-Violet {fuchsia} are directly opposite from one another. Anything opposite one another on the Color Wheel is going to pair well together. Just like blue-green and red-orange are a pretty combo, so are chartreuse + violets.

Pick out a cooler, bright color in your closet like chartreuse. If you don't have chartreuse because you don't think it will look good on you, TRY it. You'd be surprised how many people can wear it, and wear it well. If you're looking to add a little chartreuse to your life, you can shop my favorite tops HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

Next, find an accessory that's in the violet color family. My favorites are fuchsia, orchid, & lavender. I use this LOREN HOPE BLYTHE NECKLACE a lot because it is so versatile! Or, try a scarf in the same family {similar HERE, HERE}

Pair with a dark skinny jean {which you ALL should have, no matter what your shape or size... if you are hesitant about wearing skinny jeans and don't know where to start, what kind to look for, what wash is best, EMAIL me now and we will chat!} like these 7FAM SLIM ILLUSION skinnies.

So take a look at the Color Wheel and then head to your closet! If you don't have chartreuse, choose another color combo and use your wardrobe in new and versatile ways!

Outfit #4 coming up tomorrow...