My Favorite Etsy Pillow Vendors


elemenopillows etsy

Happy Thursday! Today I'm sharing my favorite Etsy shops for pillow covers. It can be so hard to find exactly what you're looking for, in the quantity you're looking for, at the price you're looking for, in stores. So, I took to Etsy for most of my pillows and discovered some shops that I want to share with you. 

1) Willa Skye Home

2) Elemeno Pillows

3) The Pillow Studio Shop

4) Aurelia on Etsy. I have yet to purchase from here, but you better believe it will be my next stop! I LOVE all her designer patterns for great prices.

 First let's visit my master. I had been wanting to try out these dalmatian spotted pillows for awhile, but couldn't quite find the spot for them. I decided to swap out my old pillows on our bed and put these instead. It didn't hurt that these exact pillow covers were on sale by Elemeno Pillows for only $15!!! The quality is great and I filled the covers with down inserts.

Next up... I had been searching for the perfect "SALMON" colored pillows for my living room for awhile. I love salmon and navy together but everything I found was too coral/pink or too orange. These velvet pillows from Willa Skye Home look so high-end and I love all of their other patterns.

willa skye home pillows

Last but not least, anyone who follows the blog knows that I have a love affair with chartreuse. This doesn't end with clothing! I wanted a pop of chartreuse in my living room too, to play on the navy + coral + neutrals. I love these Betwixt Schumacher pillows by The Pillow Studio Shop.

Shop my pillows featured above, plus a few other favorites ::