New Year, New Ways to Address your Wardrobe


As we approach the end of January, I wanted to give you some tips on editing your own wardrobe for 2016 to make it more versatile, streamlined and lessen your hassle when getting dressed each morning.

Of course, the most effective way to streamline your wardrobe for the winter and the New Year is to hire me {insert shameless plug here}...The process that we go through is detailed and I give my expert opinion on items in your wardrobe that you are unsure of, or would like help with. I will help you determine what needs to go, I'll address those items in your closet that you don't find yourself wearing more than 1 or 2 different ways, and I'll create your shopping list based on what will work WITH your current wardrobe to fill in any holes. This is something that most people can't {and shouldn't because everyone biased when it comes their own wardrobe} do on their own. 

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Today, I'm giving you some general pointers that you can use when feeling overwhelmed in your wardrobe, and/or are cleaning it out for the new year:: 

1) Haven't worn it in 2 seasons? {i.e. didn't wear it last winter or the winter before} Ditch it. 

2) This year {and at the start of each season if you change out closets}, start a new routine. Hang all of your hangers facing one way. When you wear each item, make sure you hang it the opposite way. At the end of the year or season, take an inventory of the items you never touched. You'll likely not wear them again, so clear out that space in your closet to allow you to see what you have, and make room for new items.

3) Be realistic. Those items that have been in your closet for 3+ years that you're hoping to fit into? If it's not realistically going to happen {and only you know this}, get rid of them and focus on dressing for your body NOW. If you lose the weight, great! You'll have an excuse for us to do some personal shopping together.

4) Organize your closet however it works best for you. Whether it's by color, category, season, etc., you know what works for your personality type, your morning routine, and your lifestyle. 

5) Focus on keeping styles that make you feel GOOD, not BLAH. So many of us give into trends because they look good on someone on TV or in a magazine. We all have different body types, skintones, etc. and you know which items make you feel GOOD when you get dressed. Keep those styles and ditch the ones that you bought on a whim, and have't worn because every time you put it on you just feel "blah."

6) Didn't go shopping at all in 2015? You likely need a few new things. Email me! I work with all budgets, all sized closets, all lifestyles and ages.