Spotlight | Pure Barre & Workout Wear


Happy Monday! Today I'm switching gears a bit and sharing some fun workout wear and a new favorite workout of mine, Pure Barre. Many of you have heard of Pure Barre and if you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it! I so enjoyed taking classes at both the Alpharetta & Roswell locations. I felt so refreshed and re-energized after each class, which always kicked my butt! 

I've found that I need instruction / someone to push me in order to get a really good workout. Pure Barre worked muscles I didn't even know I had (!) and I can see why so many people love lifting, toning and burning their way into shape. Plus, they have the cutest workout gear which is always a major motivator to get active! (Leopard leggings? I mean, c'mon...!)

I have also recently discovered Lou & Grey activewear -- 40% off today! I love how comfortable and soft the fabrics are and all the fun patterns they have. My new favorite is the high-neck crop top - which I obviously wear as a sports bra/layer UNDER a workout top because I have no business wearing a spandex crop top. I have found myself wearing this as both lounge and workout wear, and on days with no clients it is my uniform whether I make it to a class or not. 

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