Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge Part 2 | Square Paneled Staircase


Happy Tuesday! I'm excited to share part two of my Home Depot style challenge, which is live on the Home Depot blog today. 

I was assigned Millwork as my material, which was so fun because I have had this paneled wall idea in my head for awhile now. I first saw it in the Serena & Lilly catalog and absolutely loved how it transformed a normal, boring wall into a space with so much interest! 

I decided to do the paneling on the staircase wall because I wasn't happy with the navy color I painted it last year (ha!). I love the navy pop, but didn't like it bumping up to the gray color of my other downstairs walls. So, I decided to brighten up the staircase by adding square paneling and painting it white. 


Harrison brought my vision to life in just 3 days! We used 1 x 4 x 8 ft. pine board moulding from the Home Depot, along with wood putty & caulk. First, we measured the pieces and started hanging the vertical ones, equidistant from one another (we did 24" apart).

Next, we filled in the horizontal pieces, coming out from the staircase moulding. We used a nailgun to secure the pieces, then filled the nail holes with wood putty and caulked each piece to avoid seams & cracks. 

Finally, paint! 

I absolutely love how this project turned out. You can hang things in each square depending on the season (like these boxwood wreaths - SO cute), which is so fun. I will probably keep it blank and clean for most of the year, but my eventual goal is to fill each square with a different piece of artwork. 


Thanks to The Home Depot, both our exterior and interior are Christmas-ready! Click HERE to see part one.

*Thank you Home Depot for sponsoring this post!