Mother's Day Special


Mother's Day is just around the corner! I've shared some of my favorite Mother's Day gifts HERE, but if you're looking for a truly unique gift for Mom, look no further! I am offering 20% OFF ALL SERVICES for Mother's Day, gift certificates included. Ditch the same old go-to gifts and surprise her with a Wardrobe Consult or Revamp this year! This is such a practical, yet thoughtful gift that so many moms appreciate. It will help her on a daily basis by streamlining her wardrobe, cleaning out her closet and having more outfit ideas and versatility.

Not sure which one is the best fit for your mom? Here's a little summary :: 


Perfect for the mom who has a full closet of clothes but still feels like she has "nothing to wear!" During the wardrobe consult, we will purge the items in her closet that are outdated, misfitted, unflattering, etc. Then, I will put together between 30-60 new and refreshed outfits using the clothes, shoes and accessories that she already owns. I will develop an itemized shopping list of the wardrobe staples she needs to fill in any holes, and provide ideas of where to find those things. After, she will receive a Look Book complete with photos of all her refreshed outfits, her shopping list, and more! I like to think of it as "shopping your own closet"; with so many new outfit ideas and combinations, she'll feel less overwhelmed and more streamlined when she gets dressed every day. 


Perfect for the mom who needs both purging and purchasing. This is the full Lifestyled Atlanta experience and definitely the most popular service! First, we will do the wardrobe consult, determine what she needs, then we SHOP! The Revamp includes 4 hours split between her closet and shopping; I will work with her particular style, budget and shopping list to choose where we shop, then I will go before her and pull everything into the fitting room(s) to truly take the guesswork out of shopping. 

Click HERE for a description of Hello, Gorgeous! 

To purchase, simply click HERE and enter code MOM at checkout to get 20% off. If you'd like an e-certificate or a printed gift certificate sent to you in the mail, just email me and I'll get it over to you. 

I can't wait to work with your mom! Here are just a few things that mothers have had to say about their experiences with Lifestyled Atlanta...

"Courtney, thank you for helping me feel and LOOK normal again. As a busy stay at home mom of two, my days are anything but glamorous. Knowing that my maternity pants and yoga pants needed to be replaced made me feel overwhelmed and scared. Would my pre-pregnancy clothes fit? Are any of my clothes still in style? Was anything wearable? Courtney put my mind at ease the moment she stepped foot in my closet. She is bright, positive and knows how to put together beautiful outfits for every occasion and lifestyle. Thank you for bringing LIFE back into my STYLE and CLOSET! I look forward to working with you again."
"I just have to tell you how much of a difference you have made in my wardrobe! I feel SO much more put together every day and actually enjoy getting dressed again. I have received more compliments on my outfits than I ever have in my life, thanks to you!" 
"Thank you, Courtney! I so enjoyed our time together. Courtney is really an expert in fashion and so good at it. To be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to spending time cleaning out my closet and then trying on clothes, but Courtney's speed and fun personality actually made it a blast. I couldn't believe she had already taken the time to have everything in the dressing room reserved for me, and how I instantly loved it all! It was so easy and fun. I still haven't stopped talking about my experience. Thank you again!"
"Courtney is AMAZING! I have done two wardrobe consults with her and she always creates super stylish, flattering outfits that I could never put together myself. She truly has an eye for fashion and knows how to pull together everyday essentials from top to bottom. Courtney can help you think about how to put together your looks for the next few months, the next season, or perhaps even the next year and build a shopping list for what you need to acquire."
"Courtney is amazing! I love what she does. I never want to shop alone again; I have loved my shopping experiences with Courtney! She is so talented and fun to work with. I love all the pieces she picked out for me and all the outfits she put together. Courtney helped me maximize my budget to get a variety of fun and stylish outfits that I can wear everyday. I look forward to our next shopping trip!"