Introducing... Group Shopping!


Happy Tuesday! Today I'm rolling out a brand new option for personal shopping with Lifestyled Atlanta that I think is going to be a big hit. After hearing from multiple clients that they think it would be so much fun to do the personal shopping with their friends, I decided to implement the GROUP SHOPPING experience

Here's how it works :: 
Grab 1, 2, or 3 friends for a shopping day and get the FULL Lifestyled Atlanta shopping experience at half of the cost! (Normal shopping rate $150/hr) Beforehand, I'll send each of you a detailed questionnaire with everything from your sizing, style, your day-to-day lifestyle, budget, wish list, and more. We'll chat on the phone beforehand too, or you can choose to have me come over and evaluate your closet prior to our shopping trip. 

I'll organize a full fitting room for you prior to your arrival, and then give you and all of your friends my opinion, help, and guidance as to what looks best, is most versatile and practical. Once you've chosen what you'd like to purchase, I'll take photos of all possible outfit combinations using those items. You'll receive your own personal Look Book after our shopping trip with your outfit photos, ideas and more.

Double the fun and let's get together for lunch or a cocktail (or both!) before we start! 

+ $150 per person for 2 hours (normally $150/hr)
+ up to 4 people total
+ individual fitting rooms
+ includes a personal Look Book with all of your outfit combinations, ideas, etc.
+ Receive 20% off your next service for participating in group shopping!