Holiday Home Decor



Happy Thanksgiving Week! Today I thought I'd give you a peek into my holiday decor. Harrison does not allow me to put up a Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving (I would literally have a Christmas tree up year round if I could), but I absolutely LOVE how cozy holiday decor is and I love to keep it up (except the tree) from the beginning of November, all the way through February! 


I've never been one to do super traditional red & green decor, and especially now with the color scheme in our house. I LOVE color and have it pretty much everywhere so bright red and green is not happening with my blue rug and pops of blush. One of my favorite ways to change up my seasonal decor is with pillows. I found these amazing tartan pillows at TJ Maxx (I love adding tartan around Christmas time, also found these fur-trimmed ones) that pick up the blue of my rug and also add in some warm colors. Then I paired them with these red wine velvet ones (I also just found these from H&M for only $12.99!) and left my other neutral pillows that I have on my couches year-round. 


For my garland, I like to do a different theme in each room. I had so many questions on Instagram about where I get my garland and how it is so thick. I think I got it at Michael's or Hobby Lobby awhile back, but the trick is twisting two strands of garland together to make it extra thick, and adding the lights once it's up. Yes, much more of a hassle than pre-lit strands, but looks so much better! 


In my living room I added cotton sprigs (I cut up 2 sprigs into little stems and stuck them in) to the garland, and in my entryway I added these gold pears. I mostly keep my mantel the same, but added a boxwood wreath and some gold candles. 

(Tuck & Tess wanted in on the fun)

(Tuck & Tess wanted in on the fun)


I love this wreath from the Hearth & Home collection! I put it in my kitchen and another one in my dining room hanging on a mirror. 


These candle holders in my dining room (don't judge my unironed table runner, y'all) are also from the Hearth & Home collection. I love how you can fill the bottom part so they are perfect on your table year-round. Right now I have boxwoods in there, but for Christmas I can do Christmas tree sprigs, pinecones, berries, etc. 


This was my first year doing wreaths on each window outside and I've always wanted to, especially since our house is white with black shutters. I've always thought that looked so classic and pretty around the holidays! It was also way easier and less daunting than I thought. I just got wreaths, attached a velvet bow to each, and then hot glued this burlap stripe ribbon to hang them with. I hung them through the top of the window and shut it closed to stay. All in an hour's work! 


The best part? All of my holiday decor is under $50! Shop it all ::