What I'm Wearing for Thanksgiving


thanksgiving 2017 outfit.jpg

What? Two blog posts in one day?! I know, I know... I'm feeling a super productive streak as the holidays approach next week and I'm trying my best to create as much content for you as possible! Today I am sharing what I'm wearing for Thanksgiving, because if you're stuck on what to wear, it's not too late for some inspiration & ordering! My Thanksgiving attire will be a little different this year, because I'll be in Palm Springs, California. Nevertheless, it's supposed to be cooler at night there so I didn't have to modify my outfit too much, but I'll share what I would change if I were dressing for cold weather too. 

I LOVE this skirt. It's metallic but not TOO metallic - almost like a soft sueded with metallic flecks. Under $100, this is perfect year-round and especially around the holidays. 

Since I'll be in the desert, I'm wearing these velvet slide sandals. If I were home, I'd be doing my black suede booties or otk boots. 

Depending on the weather, I'll most likely wear this lace-trimmed short-sleeved top and possibly my black leather jacket. The most important thing to note is that you have to do a half tuck in the front... just tuck the front portion of the shirt in and let the rest fall over in the back. 

If I were home, I'd most definitely be wearing one of these wrap bodysuits... So easy for wearing with skirts (no fussing!), SO soft and very flattering wrap shape. 

For accessories, I love these festive ribbon-wrapped hoops. Everyone knows I love a good pop of color, so I could also go with something bold. These are amazing and they're on sale! Burgundy is also a perfect pop of color for Thanksgiving.