Calling All Wives! Gifts for Him (Splurges + Saves)



Happy Monday! It's already December 4th which means if you're not ontop of it with your gift getting, the holidays will really sneak up on you! Last week I did a gift guide for her with mostly splurge items and a few saves. Today I'm covering HIS gifts - whether he likes, clothes, cooking, traveling, fishing, or all of the above! 

main gifts for him 2017.jpg


Tenkara Fly Rod set - we learned about this set in North Georgia and it is apparently the best fly rod for beginner fly fishermen. If your hubby or significant other is looking to get into fly fishing and wants a more portable rod that he can take with him pretty much anywhere, this is apparently it! (And I of course cannot vouch for this personally because I've never even held a fly rod, but Harrison can and so can the owner of Wander North GA who seems like an expert ;))

Harrison is the chef of our household and specifically asked for a Sous Vide machine this year (Harrison if you're reading this, I did NOT get this for you.........) and I did some research on which one is the best. This one is listed on multiple websites from people who tested them, and it's the best seller on Amazon. The price isn't bad either! 

If he loves watches but you're not ready to drop thousands on a Rolex or Omega, get him a Shinola. This is a really cool brand out of Detroit and they make awesome watches! Harrison has one and I have one and they are top quality for a more affordable price than a luxury watch. Here's a more expensive option, and a less expensive option.

If he needs new luggage, this one from LL Bean is practical & cool.

If your hubby wears ill-fitting jeans (which SO many men do!), I URGE you to try these pants! I have put so many of my male clients in them and they look great. They're slim, but not too skinny and they come in tons of colors. They're like a soft jean material and everyone who has bought them has gone back for more colors. So say goodbye to baggy, bulky dad jeans and gift him with these AGs! The price is splurge-worthy but WORTH it.

Found these boots on sale and couldn't resist. A great boot with a great price!

If he loves grilling, this grill set is great! 

Need new knives? I feel like all men love knives. This 18-piece set is on sale!

Sonos speaker system. If you don't have this in your home, you NEED it! We have one in almost every room and they act as a sound system with top quality sound. You can't go wrong with a sonos! 

Bean boots. Especially if you live in colder, wetter or snowy places! Or if he just wants to look cool & trendy wherever you live... 

Barbour Jacket. Self-explanatory. Also, leather gloves.

I also really love this coat from Lucky Brand that's on super sale today! It's tailored looking and  doesn't look outdoorsy.

I hope this helps because guys can be TOUGH to buy for. Happy shopping for your man!