Spring Things


Happy Tuesday! Today I'm sharing a few fun things with you. First of all, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that it is OFFICIALLY spring. The reason I feel like I can do this is that I've looked at the 15 day forecast and there are only TWO days that get below 60. So I'm jumping the gun and putting away my boots, heavy sweaters and outerwear (praise hands!!) 

*I also have a quick apology / explanation of sorts. Lately, I have been feeling super behind and guilty about not blogging as regularly or frequently as I should. Same with social media. There have been days where I honestly just don't feel like it and days where I just DON'T. HAVE. TIME. I have had to remind myself numerous times that I am not a full-time blogger. I am a full time wardrobe and interior stylist, and the blog began as a place for my clients to be able to come and get inspiration. I love how it has grown and I absolutely love blogging, but I've found myself comparing my blog, my following, my posts, etc. to other bloggers and have decided to cut myself some slack. [Do any other bloggers who have other jobs struggle with this?!]
SO, what that means is you'll see phases where I blog a ton (probably because I just had a photo shoot so I have lots of content to share), and phases where I'm lucky if I blog once a week. I hope you still follow along and keep up!

Enough talk, let's get to today's post. 3 things...

1 | new specs from GLASSESUSA
First up, my experience with GlassesUSA! I don't need glasses to see on a regular basis, but when I worked in print advertising and was looking at the computer screen or editing print all day long, my eyes started kind of freaking out. Years ago, I got my first glasses and wore them at that job but honestly forgot about them and actually lost them in between moves. When GlassesUSA reached out, I was super excited to choose some fun new specs! 

It took me awhile to get used to these because they're pretty big. I know that's the style, but I was a little hesitant. 

I was surprised with how easy the process was, and how great the pricing was. I've been asked by people what designer brand these are, what designer site these came from. This particular pair is only $89. Click HERE to browse all their awesome collections! And click HERE if you love this cold-shoulder top as much as I do, and need one in your closet.

*this post is sponsored by GlassesUSA, but all opinions are my own. 

Anyone else start running around their house like a psycho making decor changes when warm weather hits? It drives Harrison crazy, but I love doing some "spring cleaning" aka redecorating and using a season change as my excuse. While Harrison was out of town this weekend, I did a simple little pillow refresh. I love how the tones brighten our room up! 

I also put up these "X" + "0" prints above our night stands. I purchased them on etsy and then printed and framed them. They pull in a pop of peach like the leopard pillow. 


3 | the LIKETOKNOW.IT APP is here! 

If you're active on Instagram or follow lots of fashion bloggers, you know that the LiketoKnow.it APP is finally here! The days of having to "like" a photo on instagram and then wait for an email with outfit details are over. Now, you can simply download the LiketoKnow.it app, and then take a screenshot of any photo you like. The details will go directly to your app, where you can shop the post! Here's a step-by-step (keep in mind this is a tutorial teaching ME, so YOU are the "your followers" they're talking about) :: 

To see a short video tutorial, click HERE and then click "SEE HOW IT WORKS"