Product Review | R&F Lash Boost


Who doesn't love long lashes? I spent many months getting lash extensions and while I absolutely LOVE the length and drama they added, I didn't love the cost or maintenance of them. When I heard about Rodan & Fields Lash Boost, I was super interested to try it, but also a little skeptical - especially when the price tag rings in over $100. When my friend Callyn sent me some to try (fun fact- Callyn and my mom grew up together and were best friends throughout all of high school. It has been so fun connecting with her through them!), I was super excited.

Today I'm sharing my progress and thoughts on this product with you! I've been consistently applying it for about 8 weeks now, and my lashes have NEVER BEEN LONGER. I get stopped by people asking "Are those your real lashes?" I even got asked by my dermatologist the other day if they were real, and what product I was using because she was so impressed. 

When I started out I felt like my lashes, that are naturally long-ish, were short and blunt after months of lash extensions. I started applying the Lash Boost each night before bed. The application process is super easy - you just swipe a little bit on your eyelid above your lash line. A little bit goes a long way and at first I thought if I loaded more product onto my eye, it would help them grow faster but it was totally unnecessary. Plus, the less you use, the longer it lasts! Here's an outline of the process :: 

-After washing your face and drying thoroughly, apply a thin line of Lash Boost to your eyelid ABOVE your lash line (key here is that you don't want to put it IN your lashes at all, because then it will get in your eyes)
- Let it dry for about 90 seconds before laying on your pillow, smearing it, etc. 
-Let it work while you sleep! 

I noticed results pretty early on, after about 2-3 weeks. I could tell my lashes were growing, and the progress only continued. Now I have MAJOR lash growth and with one coat of mascara they are so long that they sometimes hit the tops of my eyelids! I'm continuing to use the product and can't wait to see further progress! Here are some before + after shots.

BEFORE - it ain't pretty, y'all! Also note that this was taken in late winter, hence #pale and WHY is this bathroom light so horrid?!  (you can see I still had a few stray lash extensions lingering but aside from that, my lashes were virtually unnoticeable)

AFTER 8 WEEKS, no mascara - I know - it's hard to believe that I have ZERO mascara on!! See how much darker and thicker they are?! 

AFTER 4 WEEKS with 1 coat of mascara... I am not lying - one coat.

AFTER 8 WEEKS, one coat of mascara - 

That being said, I am a true believer in this. I don't sell R&F, and although I've tried it in the past, I don't even use their skincare. But the Lash Boost is the REAL DEAL, y'all, and totally worth the money - especially when you compare the cost to the upkeep of lash extensions. If you're interested in trying it, contact my friend Callyn, who is awesome and will be happy to answer any questions for you!
*Currently, she is running a SPECIAL - anyone who enrolls as a preferred customer, will receive a free mini facial! *shipped separately from the Preferred Customer order.

HERE is the direct link for Lash Boost if you're interested in trying it! 

Some additional information about Rodan & Fields ::
R&F is the #1 premium anti-age and premium acne skincare brand in United States in 2016 . They became a billion dollar brand in 2016. (SOURCE: Euromonitor International) // There are 3 ways to purchase the product - as a consultant, as a preferred customer, or a retail customer. As a consultant, you get 25% off the product. As a preferred customer, you get 10% off + free shipping! As a retail customer, you pay full price + shipping! It honestly is most beneficial to the customer financially to enroll as a preferred customer, for the 10% off, free shipping, & complete control over when/what products are shipped! If anyone has questions, is interested in learning more about the business, or any of the products - they can e-mail