Sitting Room Makeover with The Home Depot


Happy Hump Day, y'all! I am so excited to share today's post with you. I've worked on several fun projects with the Home Depot, but this has to be one of my favorites. First thing's first... did you know about all the amazing decor items The Home Depot has? I didn't either... So, when they asked me to do this decor challenge, I jumped at the opportunity and was SO surprised with their selection and quality. A little back story of this sitting room... we live in a 1964 house that was built with a box-like floor plan. So, our downstairs is made up of 4 rooms - kitchen, living, formal living and dining. We quickly decided that we wouldn't have much use for a formal living room at this point in our lives, so the smallest of the 4 rooms became an office. I never really loved the feel of it, and struggled with what to do in here. We put our bar cabinet in one corner, and I always thought it would be fun to be able to sit and gather in here with coffee or a glass of wine. Harrison and I often congregate in here when we are looking at things on the computer, planning trips, etc. and there was never a spot for the person who wasn't sitting at the desk. I absolutely love my friend Britt's sitting room in her house, where she has 4 chairs around a coffee table and it has a great feel. I didn't have enough room to do a FULL sitting room, so we chose to do a little sitting nook in one area of the office. 

My challenge was 'mixing wood finishes'. I love mixing various colors, finishes and accessories so I chose to incorporate a white-washed rattan coffee table, dark wood industrial shelving like this, and linen chairs with distressed decorative wood frames. 

Here's a little 'before'. Yikes - I had *almost* forgotten how dark and drab it was!

Let's talk about these chairs. I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of quality and comfort, and I was VERY pleasantly surprised! They feel like they almost mold to your body when you sit in them, and I love propping my feet up on the coffee table with a glass of vino after a long day.

This mirrored tray (currently out of stock, but some alternatives here and here) is AMAZING. It's huge, heavy and is the perfect centerpiece for any table or room. I love how it fits perfectly on the coffee table. 

I needed a semi-flush mount light in here because the ceilings aren't super tall, but I wanted brass and I wanted it to be a little bit funky. I love how this mid-century fixture looks with all the finishes and colors in here. 

We had actually put this wallpaper up when we first moved in. Although I am moving out of liking black and white in this room, it does add a fun pop. It is textured, so I may paint over it for a solid textured wall eventually, but for now it stays.

The shelf was another area I was so surprised about! I found so many great accessories on THD website, including this cloche & this turquoise buddha head that Harrison is still very unsure about and asks me what the heck I was thinking. But hey, I love a good pop of color! I also love blue glass vases, like these, which I have since moved around and put greenery in. 

Last but certainly not least, this flower arrangement! I am someone who ALWAYS has fresh flowers in her house, but the cost and the fact that they die so quickly is really frustrating to me. I also hate fake flowers because they look tacky and cheap! I can honestly say that I've had people ask me if this arrangement was real and from a florist. WIN! 

If you have an interior space that needs making over, be sure to check out the Home Depot's decor section! You'll be surprised what you can find...!

*A big thanks to Home Depot for sponsoring this post! The Home Depot provided me with product & compensation. The opinions I have shared about the products are my own.