Pinterest-y Fall Decor



I am (believe it or not) actually not a huge Pinterest user, which you'll notice if you follow me there. But, each year I take to Pinterest to find ideas for unique seasonal decor and tablescapes because I LOVE FALL AND CHRISTMAS AND WINTER AND ALL THE THINGS (may or may not be currently drinking pumpkin spice creamer in my coffee with pumpkin bread in the oven while it's a meer 89 degrees outside). Today I'm sharing this fall centerpiece that I did in my dining room, created by combining some ideas I found on Pinterest. 


I love doing neutral decor for the seasons, rather than bright orange pumpkins and sunflowers for fall, and rich red for Christmas. I knew I wanted white pumpkins and greens. My dough bowl sits in the middle of my dining table and is usually empty or filled with some gold pears, so I knew I wanted to use that as a base. I used this faux lamb's ear greenery, but it would also be so pretty with dried eucalyptus or boxwood sprigs. Perfect for keeping as a base when Christmas rolls around! 


I just placed the greens in the base of the dough bowl, then layered the pumpkins of different sizes around, with the middle pumpkin being the biggest (and it's a candle so I plan to light it when we use that room). I found these antler ornaments which were perfect for placing them and securing them where I wanted. Then, I added in some dried florals.


Shop all the "ingredients" below. I'll be sharing more fall decor soon, if you are interested!