Master Bath Makeover with Smart Tiles



Happy Friday! Today I'm so excited to share our master bath makeover with Home Depot, using Smart Tiles. I had never heard of this product before, and I'll admit I was a little skeptical at first. Smart Tiles are literally PAPER THIN sheets of faux tile that you peel & stick on a surface to look like fully grouted tile. When I heard about this, I was so excited because one of Harrison and my LEAST favorite home project to do is tiling, AND it's expensive. I was also a little nervous because there's no way these could actually look like real tile, right? Surely it will look cheap and silly. That was Harrison's thought, too, so he was even more skeptical than I was. Head over to the Home Depot blog to read the step-by-step process.

Today I'm here to report how PLEASED we are with the way this turned out! A few things I was surprised by -
1) How super thin the sheets are. I pictured them being probably 1/2"-1" thick. Nope! These are literally as thin as a piece of paper
2) How much like real tile it looks. When I took the first sheet out and held it up at different angles, it was crazy how much it looked like real tile! I was super impressed, even before we started putting the tiles on the wall
3) How short the process was. Think of how long it takes to tile a backsplash, etc. It is a couple days long because you have to let mortar dry, then grout, clean the grout, etc. etc. It usually ends in several arguments and a few tears of frustration on my end. This took like FOUR HOURS from start to finish. It was incredible! 

Here's a little bit about our specific project ::
We renovated our master bathroom about a year ago, and it was a huge project. My plan was to do a tiled wall behind the vanity and put sconce lighting in, but as the project went on and got more and more expensive and time-consuming, those things dropped to the bottom of the list and became "eventually" items. So, when Home Depot asked if I'd want to give this product a whirl, I was like "Yes! We can finally finish the bathroom!" 



I chose this small white hexagonal tile for the wall because our whole bathroom is full of marble and rectangular tiles. I didn't want anything too busy or anything that would clash with our finishes. I also chose these brass sconces (LO-OVE) because I wanted to do some mixed metal and really love the gold look. 


Head to the Home Depot blog to see the step-by-step process. We are super thrilled with the way this makeover turned out! If you have a surface that needs tiling but you're looking for a cost-effective and EASY solution, definitely look into Smart Tiles. They could be your answer!

A huge thanks to The Home Depot for sponsoring this post!