Friday Five


friday 5.jpg

Happy Friday! I realize it's the end of the day already but better late than never! Today I'm sharing 5 favorites from the week. I saw some other bloggers have done this and thought it was such a great idea- so here's a roundup of things I'm especially loving / using / wearing this week! 

1. these wedge sneakers. I shared them on my instagram yesterday, but here they are on the blog too. I've been living in these because it was a week with no clients, which means I was basically wearing workout/loungewear all week. These are so perfect for stepping up your legging / pant game, wearing around to run errands, traveling in, the list goes on and on. They are super comfortable and go with everything. Plus, they come in gobs of colors. Size up 1/2 size!

2. this brushed fleece pullover with ruffle detailing. So versatile, so cute and so cozy!

3. my GloPro. I know I talked about this earlier in the week, but I can't tell you how much I love it! I've been using it 3-4 times a week and the results are awesome. This morning I woke up with puffier-than-normal eyes, so I used the glopro under my eyes, then put on these gold collagen eye patches and when I took them off, you wouldn't believe the difference! It's like my skin was able to soak in the nutrients better and really absorb them. 

4. this Hearne Dry Goods Co. necklace (which I am currently waiting on to arrive in my mailbox - yass!). I am obsessed - no explanation necessary. Also - a long overdue blog post on this brand is coming to the blog next week so stay tuned! Absolutely love her stuff and her mission.

5. this Oribe Swept up volumizing powder. Literally takes one puff at the roots and you immediately have texture and volume. I got this for Christmas and it is powdered gold! Now if it would only stop raining so I could actually do my hair and walk outside...

Happy weekend, friends!