New Year, Better Me: Goals #1 + #2


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Happy 2018 just a FEW days late! ;) I’m finally back at it after a nice break over the holidays. We went to the Bahamas last week (a recap on that trip coming to the blog soon - I had SO many questions about where we were staying!) and had quite the start to our trip. We are now at the point where we can laugh about it so I thought I’d share... we woke up at around 4:30AM last Tuesday to head to the airport and as I was putting our passports in my bag, I happened to glance at the expiration date on Harrison’s which said MAY 2017. Oh. My. Gosh. Panick ensued and long story short, Harrison sent me on my way to the Bahamas with our friends and stayed behind in hopes that he could get a new passport expedited, and head to meet us in the next day or two. Thanks to amazing friends with awesome connections, he had his passport within 4 hours (!!!!) and was on the next flight. He got to the island we were staying on around 10PM, just about 10 hours after us. It was such a whirlwind and I still play it back and think it was some kind of dream. Like... HOW. Just HOW did I not check our passports?! Anyways... we had an amazing trip and I’m feeling refreshed after a couple weeks off blogging! 

Today I’m sharing the first of a few New Year goals that I have for myself and that many of you can probably relate to. I kind of hate making resolutions because I feel like it’s too much pressure, and ‘goals’ allow me to have a little more flexibility. It’s not a new year, new me, just a new year, better me! Today I’m sharing my #1 and #2 goal with you, and tomorrow there will be another until I run out of goals!

Like many of you, I’m really trying to be better about the products I use - on my skin, in my house, food, etc. I decided to start with my skin. I did a complete overhaul of my old skincare and makeup after looking at some of the ingredients and being super disturbed! I also can’t tell you how amazing these products make my face feel. I became a believer in Beautycounter after testing out a few products for a week because I was curious. The change I saw in my skin in just that week was incredible. And, the makeup was the same. I always struggle with my makeup kind of “melting off” during the day and feeling like I have to touch it up. I literally do not have to touch my makeup from the time I put it on in the morning until the evening... amazing! 

You can click HERE to see my full beauty regimen that I am swooning over and why.  


A side note, I also discovered this new beauty tool that I am OBSESSED WITH. Harrison got it for me for Christmas and I honestly had no idea what it was (maybe I’ve been living under a rock?!) The GloPro does microneedling which basically pokes these tiny holes in your face (it doesn’t hurt) and then you put your serums and moisturizers on top. It helps your face absorb these things and regenerate collagen and I can already see a difference in my skin after just a few uses, especially on my dark spots and any scars I have. Go Harrison!



with work + myself. I am kind of a scatter-brained, unorganized person and the fact that I have a flexible job doesn’t always pair well with that. I LONG to have a set schedule and discipline myself enough to stick to it each day, but it doesn’t always happen. When I’m super busy with wardrobe clients, my blog takes a backseat. When I’m in slower seasons, you’ll find me blogging a lot more. My goal this year is to have more discipline and bring you guys regular content as well as continuing with my wardrobe styling business. Although that will always be my top priority, I want to give the blog more attention!  

I am also trying to be more disciplined guessed it... working out! Last year I hit the 100 club at Pure Barre and loved the routine of weekly classes, plus how I saw my body change so much with regular attendance. My goal is to go to Pure Empower at least 2 times a week, regular Pure Barre at least once a week (I am obsessed with Empower!) and do some sort of cardio on the days I’m not there- even if it’s just a walk in the neighborhood. I have realized that exercising makes me a better wife and basically a better person because it makes ME feel so good. So, I need to remember that and always discipline myself because it is good for ME, therefore good for those around me. 

What are your New Year's goals and resolutions? I'd love to hear them!