New Year, Better Me - #2: Organization + Home Decor

Happy Thursday! In true "me" fashion, I planned to blog this yesterday but life got in the way. I think one of my goals for 2018 is to let myself be okay with that when it happens. Not to feel guilty when something on my to-do list gets pushed until tomorrow because that's life! Anyone else? Let's take some pressure off. Today I'm sharing two more of my goals with you. 

1) Share more home decor.


I have a love affair with interior design and changing up the decor in my house. It makes me feel refreshed and renewed to switch things up every now and then (or as Harrison would say - "every other day you're changing something"). What can I say?! I think that's part of the creative brain to want to play around with new things. Since I love home decor *almost* as much as I love fashion, I want to share more of that with you on the blog & social media this year. If you have specific home requests - from rooms you want to see, how I choose patterns, colors, etc., just comment with them below! I'm excited for more variety in my posts in 2018 between fashion, home, and travel! 

2) Get, and STAY, organized.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 9.14.30 AM.png

Y'all... This is a real struggle for me! I am a totally unorganized person. You would never know it unless you open a drawer or a closet in my house. I can make a place spotless, but it's because I'm throwing stuff in drawers or closets or wherever I can. I desperately WANT to be more organized but sometimes just don't know where to start! It's my goal to tackle organization in 2018 - closet by closet, drawer by drawer, and keep myself accountable to STAYING organized - not just going back to my usual ways after I do it. Any tips for staying organized, especially in a closet that's not customized with drawers, etc? I'd love to hear them! If you are a professional organizer or just someone who loves organizing, give me a shout! I'd love to work with you on getting started. 

If you have anything specific you'd like to see on the blog this year, comment below!

Stay tuned to the blog tomorrow, where I'll be sharing my favorite purchases from 2017!