What You Need to Know About Shopping at SheIn + My Favorites



Happy Monday, y'all! If you're like me, you've often wondered about the quality of clothes that you see people wearing when they say, "This dress was $14 from China!" Well, today I'm here to give you the scoop about shopping internationally, specifically from Shein.
Here are a few things to note: 

  • You get what you pay for in MOST cases, and that's okay. I've found that while some things are cheaply made, they don't necessarily look cheap and will hold up for as long as you'd expect them to. HOWEVER, I have also found items that are surprisingly well-made and look much more expensive than they are. I'll share them all with you in this post.
  • The shipping takes awhile, but they've recently gotten better. I heard they got a USA location of some sort, and my most recent order was much quicker than orders I've placed in the past.
  • I think it's absolutely worth it to shop here for items that aren't going to be timeless staples in your closet. A fun top (like the cute one I'm wearing!), a cute dress for an occasion, costume jewelry accessories, swimsuit coverups, etc. Don't expect to get a great fitting, long-lasting pair of jeans or the most comfortable shoe you've ever worn. But if you're looking for cheap, cute things it is absolutely worth the *very little* money out of your pocket
  • Popular items sell out. If you see a big-time blogger wearing it, chances are the sizes are very limited or it's completely gone (like my top is now, of course!). They are always stocking new inventory so it's rare that I see anything being RE-stocked. If you like it, jump on it!
  • Because the sizing can be so weird, I've found it's best to buy things that aren't super fitted around the waist/shoulder/arms. For example, the majority of what I've bought are tops, shift dresses, oversized tunics, shoes and swimsuits / coverups. If you're unsure of your sizing, then maybe don't get a peplum top that has no stretch. 
  • **Always look at the reviews! I have found them to be super helpful in regards to quality and sizing.

Here are some of my favorite finds :