We're having a BABY!



Happy Fourth of July, y'all! I am SO excited to finally share why I've been pretty absent on social media and the blog these last few months... WE'RE PREGNANT! Harrison and I are literally over the moon excited to welcome a little GIRL (!!) arriving January 1, 2019. The past few months have been filled with anxiety, hopefulness, sickness, EXTREME exhaustion and lots of JOY as we got to see a healthy baby at each consecutive appointment after going through more than a year of losses (More on that below). It has been a long and winding road to get here, but we couldn't be more overjoyed and excited and SHOCKED that God has chosen us to be parents to this little baby girl! As you can imagine, I cannot WAIT for all things nursery, yummy little girl clothes and having a miniature partner-in-crime for life. We're officially in the second trimester so stay tuned for lots of things coming to the blog! Bump-friendly fashion (yep- I've already got quite the bump!), nursery inspo and so much more. We just truly, truly can't wait. So next 4th of July, we'll be adding a little firecracker to our crew at the beach!

I also realize that sharing this news brings mixed emotions for many of you reading this and I just want to say that I understand. After over a year of miscarriages and feeling hopeless, scared and unsure of what our future looked like in terms of growing our family, we find ourselves here in this place of such joy and seeing God's goodness and faithfulness in our lives. It was not an easy year; our faiths were tested, our marriage was tested, we watched as friends and others around me were able to easily get pregnant and had to fight feelings of resentfulness and anger. I know the feeling of wanting to delete Instagram and Facebook because you just can't bear to see another pregnancy announcement. I just want to let you know that if you have gone through / are going through miscarriage, loss, infertility issues, etc. that I am ALWAYS here to chat - even through the internet! - and that even though this place you're in can feel so lonely, you are NOT alone. And if you are in this season, I highly recommend Ellie Holcomb's album 'Red Sea Road', particularly the song 'Find you Here.' 

Thank you for reading and following along, even when I am not posting as regularly! I promise to bring you all some super fun content in the coming weeks and months.



right after we found out what we were having! 

right after we found out what we were having!