Bumpdate : 20 Weeks

Happy Friday! I realized that I haven't really done a "bumpate" for y'all on the blog since announcing our pregnancy. We hit the 20 week mark earlier this week (YAY) so since we're officially halfway there, I thought I'd share some details about pregnancy thus far! 

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I have not taken a 20 week picture yet because my room is a construction zone and I haven't found myself in a dressing room :) 

BUMP: It is growing at a rapid rate! I am starting to feel it push upwards more, making me catch my breath on a simple flight of stairs.. ha! I love my bump. I feel like I started showing a little earlier than most, and I really think that was God letting me enjoy this season just a little bit longer, making it that much sweeter after so much heartache and loss. 

ENERGY: I feel amazing! At exactly 12 weeks and 2 days, I woke up and felt like a human again. So many of you can relate, I'm sure. It is such a crazy feeling going from being in a constant fog with no energy and lots of nausea, to feeling like yourself again. I am thoroughly enjoying the second trimester.

BABY: She is kicking and moving around like crazy most days! She has her mother's love for queso because after thoroughly enjoying a huge bowl of it at dinner one night last week, Harrison felt her kick for the first time! Before that, it was all little flutters and jabs that I would feel on the inside, but that he couldn't feel when he put his hand on my belly. It was seriously SO much fun for him to finally feel her. At all of our ultrasounds and dopplers she has been super active, and even waved to me on yesterday's ultrasound! SO SWEET. 

DO WE HAVE A NAME? Yes, we do! But I won't be sharing it with you until she is born ;)

NURSERY: I told myself that after we hit the 20 week mark, I would really allow myself to start on things like nursery, registry, buying things (even though I have obviously started to do that and let's be honest - my mom is going NUTS with the baby girl clothes) etc. We had it painted last week, the light fixture and curtains are here, wallpaper comes soon and we'll be rolling! I plan to do a nursery reveal, but I'll show you snippets along the way

DUE DATE: Her due date is 1/1/19. Harrison and I are secretly (actually not-so-secretly) hoping that she comes in December so our deductible doesn't restart... ha! But we will be so happy no matter when she decides to come. I'd love a little NYE baby! 

ARE YOU EXCITED TO HAVE A GIRL? I have always dreamed of having a girl. In fact, I've had my nursery planned out for years now and it's always been for a girl. I think since I wanted a girl so badly, I thought we were going to have a boy (which of course we would have been THRILLED about). So when we found out it was a girl, both Harrison and I were totally shocked! Harrison has also always wanted a little girl and will be the best girl dad ever (until she's a teenager and starts dating... then he will be the scariest dad ever). I can't wait to see him wrapped around her little finger.

CRAVINGS: I haven't really had any strong "I have to have this right now" cravings except for Ghirardelli triple chocolate brownies, which I only bake for half of the recommended time. They are gooey and amazing and have to be eaten with a fork. I also love baked potatoes,  but I don't think it's necessarily a craving - more of a "they are good on the tummy" kind of thing. I still get a little queasy over certain foods and baked potatoes are something I can always stomach. Another weird thing? I usually love ice cream and now I don't want it at all. I crave refreshing sweets like fruit, italian ice, popsicles etc. Nothing creamy like ice cream. Weird! 

1) Well, I peed myself the other day. How's that for some humility? Literally wet the bed... never thought I'd say I'm a bed wetter at 29 but there's a first for everything! Gotta keep it real with y'all... In fact I freaked out because I thought my water had broken and went to the doctor who confirmed that yes indeed, I peed my pants involuntarily. Oh, the joys of pregnancy! 

2) The boobs are out of control! Can't say I'm unhappy about it either. I've never seen numbers or letters that big on a bra before... The only downside is they feel like I'm carrying around bowling balls and are constantly sore and ITCHY. Did anyone else have itchy boobs?! I'm the girl walking around in public sneaking boob scratches because it's literally unbearable.

I did want to take a second and thank all of you who reached out after we first announced our pregnancy and reading my post. (if you haven't read it and are interested, click here) Miscarriage is such a devastating thing and a lonely season of life. It helped me to know that others had gone through what I had, and I would love to be there for anyone who is going through it / has gone through it. Thank you to those of you who shared your stories with me, DM'ed me, and have emailed back and forth. We are stronger together and no one ever knows what you're going through unless you share (which I also completely understand is too painful for some people - we all grieve in different ways). Sharing and talking about it with others helped me through that time a lot, so if you are in that lonely, sad season, I know what you are feeling. 

Any other questions for me? Just leave them in the comments below.