Our first 3 months with Lila + My baby must-haves


Lila Steele has been with us for just over three months (crazy!) and I’m starting to get the urge to ease back into work life so I’m going to go with it! I’ve had tons of messages asking if I will share what “baby things” we have loved, what didn’t end up working, and what is worth it or not. So, today I’m sharing all the details about our first two months and answering some questions I’ve gotten!

For those who don’t know, Lila Steele Clymer joined our family on December 28, 2018. I went into labor in the middle of the night, we got to the hospital around 6AM and she made her debut at 6:38PM. We had a pretty smooth labor, and I only pushed for 20 minutes!


maxi dress

Q&A :: Here are some things you’ve asked me (mostly on instagram) -

1) What is one thing about labor that you didn’t expect?
The SHAKES! The epidural gave me the worst convulsions and shakes that lasted for hours. It was really stressful for both me and Harrison, and I was so worried that I would be shaking too badly to hold her when she came. Thankfully the adrenaline rush of pushing took over. But I had no idea that was a side effect so we were pretty alarmed when I couldn’t stop.

2) Are you doing a schedule?
You may have seen that little Lila is an amazing sleeper. She was sleeping from about 9-5 or 6 at 6 weeks old and I honestly have no secrets. I think we are just super lucky and blessed, and God knows how much this mama needs her sleep ;) I am following Moms on Call, so I just transitioned her to the 8-16 week schedule where she goes down around 7:30 and makes it to 6 or 7 most mornings. So I do have to give some credit to MOC, and I really enjoy having a schedule to loosely follow. I do try to keep in mind that we have to continue to have a life, which really allows us to be the best parents. So, I try not to stress if we don’t follow the schedule exactly day-to-day. Some days we are out and about and she doesn’t nap in her crib, other days I make sure she gets at least 2 good naps in there! I’m learning that it’s all about balance (and I’m certainly no expert).

3) Does she sleep in your room?
This was something I was really surprised about - she was in her crib on day 2! I could NOT sleep with her in our room and she didn’t sleep well at all. Lila is a super noisy / grunty sleeper so every little noise would wake me up. I was surprised at my ability to let her go to the crib so early, but I knew it was the only way any of us would sleep! She has done great in the crib.

4) Swaddle?
Y’all - I panic ordered like 8 swaddles at 3AM during a feeding one night in those early days. Our favorite has been this Halo swaddle (I like that it’s fleece for the winter time) because it zips and velcros, and Lila is an escape artist. It doesn’t matter how tight you swaddle her, she would get a hand out every time. She has only broken out of this one like twice, and she sleeps great in it! I also love that it unzips from the bottom, so if you need to do a diaper change or if I forget to put the Owlet sock on, I can do it without totally unswaddling her.

I just transitioned her to the Magic Merlin sleepsuit and she LOVES it. Sleeps like a champ all night & at naptimes! I highly, highly recommend.

5) Favorite place to get her bows?
I got her a ton of bows on Amazon, but I also love the Baby Bling bows. Both kinds are so stretchy, super lightweight and so so cute. They are one size fits most, and they fit her soon after she was born and obviously still do now. I love all their patterns!

6) What are your must-haves? What items were worth the price, and what did you end up not liking?
First of all, obviously every baby is different. Here are some things that Lila absolutely loves:


(leopard set I’m wearing is sold out)

The Owlet - I CANNOT live without this. I see so many mixed reviews on this and lots of you have asked if I think it’s worth it. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to use it - it gives me SO much peace of mind going to sleep each night and I literally don’t think I would sleep without it. When she is laying so still and hasn’t moved in awhile, instead of going in and sticking my fingers under her nose to check if she’s breathing, I just look at the Owlet. It is a game changer.

4Moms - she slept in this the first few nights when we couldn’t get her to go to sleep. She still sits and naps in it and loves the mobile! It is a permanent fixture in our living room.

Beautycounter baby products - Lila has great skin y’all. She is tanner than I am and she’s a baby. My pediatrician asked what I am using on her skin because she has yet to get a diaper rash, splotchy-ness and even her baby acne and little spots go away pretty immediately. I use the baby bath during bath time, then mix this baby balm & the baby oil in my hands and rub it all over her after the bath every night. PSA : the baby balm is gritty at first, you have to RUB it to get the grit to go away. I have yet to use the diaper rash cream because we haven’t needed it, but it’s on deck if we do!


Baby Bjorn bouncer - This is a higher ticket item and I honestly thought she’d enjoy it more. Every baby is different, of course, but she hasn’t loved this so far. Maybe as she gets bigger and older!

Solly baby wrap - Lila LOVES this. She snuggles up and sleeps so well when I put her in it, and it hurts my back way less than the Baby Bjorn carrier. It is tricky to learn how to put it on at first, but after a couple of tutorial videos I finally have it figured out ;)

Baby Bjorn carrier - I do love this because it’s easier than the Solly wrap, and Harrison wears her a lot in this too. It does hurt my back more than the Solly wrap, but great for walks and such!

Keekaroo changing pad - Absolutely LOVE this! Never have to worry about poop or spit up getting on fabric and washing it, just wipe it off and continue on! It does stain a little bit, so I have been using a magic eraser every now and then to really get it clean, and then wiping it with a baby wipe afterwards.

Noodle & Boo laundry products - O.M.G these smell AMAZING. I am now using them on all our laundry because I cannot get enough! I also have the room spray which I spray after her diaper changes, and the diffuser that I keep in her room. I wish you could smell it through the computer, but you’ll just have to trust me.

Boppy pillow- She was too small for this at first, but now she loves it and it’s easy to prop her on it while I need to do something!

Nanit monitor - I absolutely love this! I can see her from anywhere, even when babysitters are there (hehe). One time my dad tried to swaddle her and majorly failed while I was at a hair appointment, so all I had to do was send him a text that her arm was completely out! ;)

***TIP! I hung this mobile over her changing table and it is her FAVORITE place to be. Every time I lay her down to change her, she looks up and breaks out a huge smile. I did it just thinking she might like something to look at, but it has turned into one of our go-to tools to calm her down or distract her! I ordered it off etsy but you could use any mobile.

Beach trip must-have :

This tent. We put towels in it and she napped here on the beach and by the pool.


Questions? Leave them in the comments below!