"Courtney has been the best addition I have made to my world: I am more put-together everyday, and getting dressed or traveling is so much easier. I get more compliments on my style and using her actually saves me money. I shop much more strategically based upon my total wardrobe. Courtney has a great sense of style and has simplified my life. I recommend her all the time!"

"Courtney is both professional and talented. She has a great eye for on-trend fashion while warmly walking you through the process of updating your wardrobe. I was gifted with a session with Courtney for Christmas, and it turned out to be my favorite gift. She quickly made me feel comfortable and confident, while helping me find pieces that fit my everyday life. She's both sophisticated and fun, classy and genuine. I was so grateful for her help that I've started booking with her at least twice a year for a little wardrobe pick-me-up. I can't recommend her more highly! Book her -- you'll be so glad you did!"

"I just have to tell you how much of a difference you have made in my wardrobe! I feel SO much more put together every day and actually enjoy getting dressed again. I have received more compliments on my outfits than I ever have in my life, thanks to you! I also wore that cute leopard dress I got with you to the wedding I had last Saturday and received SO many compliments. Seriously, thank you! :)"

"Thank you Courtney! I so enjoyed our time together. Courtney is really an expert in fashion and so good at it. To be honest, I really wasn't looking forward to spending time cleaning out my closet and then trying on clothes, but Courtney's speed and fun personality actually made it a blast. I couldn't believe she already had taken the time to have everything in the dressing room at Nordstrom and the LOFT reserved for me, and how I instantly loved it all! It was so easy and fun. I still haven't stopped talking about Lifestyled Atlanta and my experience. Thank you again!"

"Courtney, thank you for helping me feel and LOOK normal again. As a busy stay at home mom of two, my days are anything but glamorous. Knowing that my maternity pants and yoga pants needed to be replaced made me feel overwhelmed and scared. Would my pre-pregnancy clothes fit? Are any of my clothes still in style? Was anything wearable? Courtney put my mind at ease the moment she stepped foot in my closet. She is bright, positive and knows how to put together beautiful outfits for every occasion and lifestyle. Thank you for bringing LIFE back to my STYLE and CLOSET! I look forward to working with you again"

“Courtney- you are a fashion fairy godmother. I have to tell you what a difference you have made, already. Instead of wondering what in the world I will wear to my date I'm wondering "wow, which great outfit do I wear to my date". I can't wait to have you help me coordinate the rest. I plan to be a long-time client. Already, you have made me feel prettier and younger. You definitely have a gift, because I am a hard case.”

"It was just so refreshing to have worked with Lifestyled Atlanta! Courtney and I had discussed my particular needs, which was taking what I had in my closet and putting together some new outfits. In a little over an hour and a half, she had put together over 40 fantastic outfits including shoes and jewelry! It was absolutely amazing to watch her work and how fast she puts it all together. The pictures Courtney takes of the outfits are tremendously helpful to refer back to. I actually enjoy my closet now and am not stressed about trying to put things together everyday. All women want to dress and look their best...regardless of age. I am quite a bit older than Courtney, but she is so talented with what she does that age isn't a factor at all. I look forward to Courtney's visit in the fall!"

"My sister bought me Courtney's Wardrobe Consult as a birthday present after she read about her online. Courtney came over and made 40+ new outfits of clothing I already have in my closet! She helped me purge things I know I won't wear and guided me to fill in the gaps where my closet was lacking. Above all, she is the sweetest person and truly a joy to hang out with. I would definitely recommend this experience for yourself or as a gift. I cannot say enough wonderful things about both Courtney and her company!"

"Courtney did a fabulous job with my wardrobe as well as my style confidence! After just three short hours, I had a pile of "never wear again" and an even larger pile of "old items made new." A series of pictures with items in my closet that I would have NEVER thought to put together help me look stylish no matter the occasion. For the first four months after my "Life.Styled" I never wore the same outfit. The pointers on how to mix and match made my wardrobe full of endless possibilities.

After a year of trying to help my husband with the style pointers given to me by Courtney, I just gave up and called in the expert. Courtney came back and tackled John's wardrobe. John was a trooper and allowed Courtney to get rid of items that should have been thrown out last century! When John's "Look Book" arrived, he reviewed and took a shopping trip to buy many of the suggested items on the list. He receives multiple compliments in the office, including women stating they wish their husbands would dress like him! (Sorry ladies, he is taken!) 

Thanks to Courtney my husband and I are totally stylish and loving every minute of being confident in our newly styled wardrobe."

"Courtney has helped me with several wardrobe consults and each time it was a huge success. She was able to create 20-30  outfits straight out of my closet from clothes I already owned. She put outfits together for me with items I had never paired together before. From the pants/skirts, down to the shoes and jewelry. I was amazed by some of the pieces that she put together because I would have never been creative enough to do that. At the end of the consult I felt like I had hit the jackpot. The "Cheat Sheet" she sent me included pictures of all the outfits and how to put them together. I was excited to get ready everyday and have received more compliments on my outfits than I ever have before. Courtney has a gift for fashion and what she does, and I would highly recommend her to anyone!"

"I cannot thank you enough for coming all the way over here and helping me and my husband. I can't wait to see the look books, style notes ad most especially the shopping list. You are so talented. It's super exciting to see a woman doing what she loves, being creative, an entrepreneur, filling gaps. THANK YOU!"

"Courtney is always so organized and well-prepared for her shopping appointments. She streamlines the experience which makes it more fun. You can always walk out confident knowing that you have been taken care of for the season, and I guarantee you that you will be back for the following seasons to come."

"I am an Atlanta-based interior decorator and it's important that my style transcend into the clothing that I wear. Working with Courtney has helped me to accomplish that. Her ability to pull items together has given me the option of having a multitude of outfits. Her talent is priceless and saves me money by not having to buy as much as I originally thought I needed! It is without hesitation that I recommend her for the services that she provides."

"I have always hated shopping... wandering aimlessly for hours with a blank stare and leaving empty-handed - how frustrating! But shopping with Courtney was a completely different experience... I actually had a lot of fun and left with a whole wardrobe and improved self-esteem (major bonus)! Courtney knows how to create my perfect look for any given event in record time. She gives honest, helpful feedback and guides the entire shopping experience with the utmost professionalism. With Courtney's help, I know I can show up to any event feeling confident and secure in my style so that I can just relax and be myself." 

"Courtney is AMAZING! I have done two wardrobe editing sessions with her and she always creates super stylish, flattering outfits that I could never put together myself. She truly has an eye for fashion and knows how to pull together everyday essentials from top to bottom. Courtney can help you think about how to put together your looks for the next few months, the next season, or perhaps even the next year and build a shopping list for what you need to acquire."

"Courtney is amazing! I love what she does. I never want to shop alone again; I have loved my shopping experiences with Courtney!  She is so talented and fun to work with. I love all the pieces she picked out for me and all the outfits she put together.  Courtney helped me maximize my budget to get a variety of fun and stylish outfits that I can wear everyday. I look forward to our next shopping trip!"