New Year, New You!

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It's that time of the year again :: all the gyms are packed, the healthy items at the grocery store are disappearing off of the shelves and we are making New Year's Resolutions! Whether your goals for 2014 deal with weight loss, lifestyle changes or attitude adjustments, LIFE.STYLED. can help you feel confident in the new year.

Do you feel like you are stuck in a style rut, or just need someone else to tell you to "get rid of that 80's sweater for good"? If so, consider making one of your New Year's Resolutions to be more confident in your style everyday with LIFE.STYLED. We will come into your closet and weed through the items that are dated, unflattering or worn out. Then, we will create between 20-30 new outfits from your EXISTING wardrobe :: Yes, it's like going shopping in your closet! We will make new combinations with clothing and accessories that you have trouble with, or don't know what to pair with. As we do that, LIFE.STYLED. will create a shopping list of items that you can use to build upon your current wardrobe. I can promise we won't make you get rid of everything in your closet. You'll receive a handy "Cheat Sheet" with photos of all of your outfits, along with a shopping list that you can use to shop on your own, or shop with us.

LIFE.STYLED. also offers an array of other styling options, from family photo shoots to bridal styling to personal shopping. So make 2014 the year of style! Discover your own personal style, or get back on track.

2014 is a New Year, New You!

You can visit for more information on services.

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