monday musings


monday musings

Happy Monday! Today starts a new Monday traditions, where I'm bringing you a few of my favorite things for the week ahead. My items might {will probably} be a little bit random, but I'll share them with you anyways! These are truly things that I am loving lately... Anyone else love something on today's list? 

1. PAINTED EARTH ROSEMARY + THYME BAKED MINERAL BLUSH in BERRY SWIRL // Does anyone else find that their go-to blush gets a little too light for their face when the sunny summer months roll around? I've been finding that my blush hasn't exactly shown up on my face well lately, and I am a blush lover all around.

painted earth baked mineral blush.jpg

So, I decided to try this Rosemary & Thyme Baked Mineral Blush in Berry Swirl {yes, it's named that because it ACTUALLY has rosemary and thyme in it, and is all natural & organic} and it is B-E-A-U-Tiful. It's the perfect shade for any skin tone and I love the sunkissed sheen it adds to your cheeks. Helpful hint? I always apply a little blush to the tip of my nose to finish off my face. It brightens and gives a little extra color + glow. I also have the Apricot Swirl color for my paler months.

painted earth baked mineral blush

2. KENDRA SCOTT STATEMENT EARRINGS // I have found myself reaching for these beauties with so many outfits; from shorts and a tee for a little extra something, to my favorite LBD. They are perfect for adding an earring when you're wearing your hair up and are the perfect size and statement. These are pretty pricey, so I'm linking up some other favorites HERE, HERE & HERE.

kendra scott statement earring
kendra scott statement earring

3. THIERRY MUGLER 'ANGEL' PERFUME // Y'all... this scent is heavenly. About a year ago I was working with one of my regular clients and she smelled SO good. I told her {in a non-weird way} and asked her what perfume she wore and she told me about Thierry Mugler's 'Angel' scent, which I had never heard of. She said that random men would literally stop her when she was out and comment on her perfume. I had it in my shopping cart that evening and haven't stopped wearing it since! {And I can verify her claims; not only does my hubby love it but I get stopped from time to time asking about it!}

1.7 OZ3.4 OZ

thierry mugler angel

Helpful Hint :: I always buy my perfume on Amazon because they have the best prices and FAST + FREE shipping!

What are you loving lately? Have any of you tried this blush or perfume, or have a go-to statement earring you can't get enough of? 

Thursday's Beauty Buy :: Vitamin C Serum

It's almost the weekend, so hang in there! Today I'm helping you do so by letting you in on a little BIG beauty secret that I think you'll appreciate! Many of you know my obsession with Painted Earth Skincare + Cosmetics. These all-natural, organic products are the best possible thing you can give your skin. Plus, they were formulated locally here in Roswell, Georgia and the owner Joanne has become my go-to beauty gal because I love this stuff so much. She started formulating these products in her own home after reading the ingredients on the labels of many large name-brand cosmetics in the industry. She didn't want to put those things into her skin, and neither should you!Screen shot 2014-09-18 at 8.17.37 AM

My latest obsession is the Vitamin C with Ferulic Acid Serum. You put this ultra-thin, soothing and smell-good serum on your face after moisturizing and after about 2-3 uses you can already see the results. Not only is your face firmer and tighter, but it feels brighter and more radiant than before. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and stimulates collagen production {think PREVENTION or REDUCTION of wrinkles, ladies. Need I say more?}painted earth

Normally I'm all about bringing you new and fun makeup when I do these beauty reviews. I feel that makeup can truly brighten and enhance your face, but as each year passes and my skin changes, I'm learning that it starts at the core; when your skin is healthy, firm and bright, your makeup can only enhance that. I'm all about prevention, and this serum is the key to that!

So treat your skin to a Vitamin C refresh each day. You'll start seeing the difference immediately and you'll never want to go back to your old skincare ways!

If you're interested in learning more about Painted Earth Skincare and the products I so love, feel free to email me and I'd be happy to share! After years of shopping at Ulta and Sephora and using "high-end" makeup and skincare lines, I tried Painted Earth and will never go back.

{Please note :: This is not an ad; I did not receive compensation for this review}

how to :: make your casual summer look chic

Happy Monday and a happy short work week to those of you who have Friday off! Today we're going back to the basics and talking about your casual summer wardrobe. For many of you, comfort is key; whether you are a mom running and playing with your kids, or are in a professional setting and can't wait to throw on those comfy clothes at the end of your work week! How do you make a plain ole' t-shirt and shorts look chic + put together? Today we're talking how to make your casual look chic ::

  • The half-tuck :: Rather than leaving your tee shirt hanging over your shorts, accentuate your waist-line and polish up your look. Tuck the front half of your tee into your shorts, and then pull down around the sides and back. This gives a more put-together look, without the constant adjustment and sometimes discomfort of a full tuck all the way around. Pick a short that's breathable and fun, like these navy crochet trim linen shorts from LOFT.

Courtney summer-32-2


  • Patterns + sleeves :: Try a fun patterned tee that is still comfortable and breathable.  Experiment with a cap sleeve or a tank,  rather than your basic sleeve. You can do the same with necklines. How about this LOFT floral tee?

Courtney summer-36-2

  • Accessorize! :: Accessories are the finishing touch. NO outfit is complete without at least some minimal accessorizing. And since it's summer, try something fun! Add a bright warm color to a cool-toned outfit, or vice versa. My summer go-to accessory? These neon pink Kendra Scott 'Danielle' earrings. They are bright, bold and FABULOUS.

Courtney summer-39-2

  • Dress it up from day to night :: I'm all about an outfit being versatile enough to go from day into night. During the day, pair with a flat sandal or a flip flop. Then take your look into nighttime by switching to a wedge and amping up your accessories. Add a white jean jacket for those cool nights, like this one from GAP.

Courtney summer-48-2


Other accessories pictured ::

Kendra Scott Cassie Bracelet in white

Kendra Scott Jordan Bangle Bracelets in gold

Vince Camuto Rose Gold Watch

So amp up your casual tee + shorts look this summer. It doesn't have to look thrown on and tired. Use these tips to keep your casual comfort while looking chic and put-together!

the jumpsuit

It's warm and sunny! We've been showered out, and the sun is shining. The best thing about warm weather is how you can dress for it! Today I'm talking about a major spring trend that has made its way into the fashion world :: The Jumpsuit/Jumper; an easy & effortless yet chic look that can be transitioned from day into night, dressed up and dressed down.

Here are a couple tips to go buy when looking for a jumper ::

1) If you have a curvier figure, you may want to try a wider leg. A tapered or tracksuit type leg will typically accentuate your hip and thigh area. This is not a rule, just a suggestion!

2) If you are tall and skinny, not only do I hate you {just kidding!...kind of} but you can wear virtually any jumper style. Try a tapered, skinny leg or wide-leg.

3) You can never go wrong with black. It's slimming, classic and timeless.

4) A sweetheart top / halter top is universally-flattering. If you are having trouble finding a top style that works on you, try one of these.

5) Look for a jumpsuit that accentuates your waist; whether it ties, belts, or has an elastic waist-band. This is the most flattering cut on any figure.

A few of my favorites ::

classic black, tapered leg.

wide-leg, blush crepe jumpsuit by Dorothy Perkins

pretty patterns on this strapless number with a tie waist, from Loft

cobalt halter,

casual beach chic from Loft

I love throwing on a jumpsuit or romper when I'm not in the mood to overthink my outfit choice. It allows you to look polished, stylish and chic without having to think about both a top AND bottom. So try one this summer; I promise that if you find the right one, you'll be hooked!

Stylishly Yours,


mary's revamp :: part two

Today we're taking you through part two of Mary's Wardrobe Revamp. For those of you who missed part one or need a refresher, you can read about Mary and her story here. After a major overhaul in her closet, we hit the stores! We started at Nordstrom and finished at LOFT, finding some great versatile sale pieces at both places, along with some wardrobe staples that Mary was in desperate need of. We accomplished a LOT in the two hours we spent shopping, and Mary left with a new wardrobe and a new outlook. I thought I would document this journey with a few photos, so enjoy!

Here she is modeling a few outfits. How adorable is she?!




Here are just some of Mary's many outfits that we were able to create using the pieces we bought ::





mary12 mary8


We were able to get everything on Mary's list and stay within her budget ::

  •  white jeans
  • dark wash jeans
  • peplum top
  • statement necklaces
  • black crop pant
  • colored crop pant
  • two dresses
  • two skirts
  • nude wedge
  • tan sandal
  • cardigans for when she does not want to show her arms in sleeveless tops or dresses
  • lightweight sweaters

All in all, it was a huge success and Mary was thrilled!


We loved having Mary's daughter-in-law, Jenna, along for the fun!

And a text I received from Mary's husband this morning {if you'll remember, Mary's husband, Craig, purchased this revamp for her for her birthday} This it the kind of feedback that makes me love my job even more :: mary text

mary pic

Many of you can relate to Mary's story. She gave and gave to her children, her husband and her job, and in turn neglected herself for a long while! This was much-deserved, and it was such a privilege to work with her and watch this transformation. LIFEstyled services truly are about having a new outlook, attitude & confidence, which Mary exuded after this process.

If you or someone you know would benefit from LIFEstyled's services, you are in luck! Check out our Mother's Day Special for an exclusive discount.

Wishing you a happy Wednesday!


Friday Feature :: Painted Earth Skincare

Screen shot 2014-03-28 at 8.46.31 AM

TGIFF! I hope all of you had a fabulous week. Today I'm spotlighting one of my favorite new skincare brands, Painted Earth, based right here in Atlanta. Here is a little bit about the company, as adopted from their website ::

"Painted Earth was founded to offer an alternative to pore-clogging chemical skincare products, and our exclusively organic, natural and non-toxic products don't force users to sacrifice health for beauty; instead they make accentuating beauty a healthier process. Why settle for a basic skincare line? Painted Earth products are infused with advanced ingredients, making it easy to transform skin from blah to beautiful. When it comes to finding the perfect skincare products for any complexion needs, it all starts with the ingredients."

Below are a few of my favorite products from their line. I will be highlight many more in the future!

Painted Earth SuperWear Pen Eye Liner

This eyeliner is everything. It goes on like a marker, giving you full control over it that you don't get with a liquid liner. It also has a sharp, precise line that you won't see with a pencil liner. The best of both worlds!

Painted Earth Mineral HD Concealer

This Mineral HD concealer is the perfect under eye concealer. It instantly camouflages dark spots, leaving your skin looking light and bright around your eye area. I also use it over any blemishes, and around my nose, chin & forehead for added brightness. A tip for extra bright eyes? Buy a shade lighter than your skin tone.

Painted Earth Boo Boo Gel

Last but CERTAINLY not least, a true miracle product. Yes, I said it. A miracle! "Boo Boo Gel" is the perfect fix for any of your skin problems ; from blemishes, to dark spots, to burns and scrapes. It is anti-aging, skin-perfecting and pore-reducing. All natural and organic, this product has been a true miracle worker for both myself and many Painted Earth customers around the country. It is a skin saver!

You can check out Painted Earth and all of their fabulous products on their website HERE. You won't be disappointed!

Wishing you all a stylish weekend ahead. Until Monday!


Thursday's Tip :: Tone on Tone

Try mixing it up in your wardrobe without having to shop :: The tone-on-tone look. Pair some of your similarly-toned pieces together. Tone on tone can be done with a shirt and a necklace, cardigan & shirt, etc. Simply choose a piece in your closet that you like the color of, and then choose an accessory that has the same tone, yet not in the exact same shade. {i.e., a turquoise sweater with a pale turquoise/mint necklace, or a pale purple blouse with a plum blazer}

Courtney did this with the Pantone Color of 2014, Radiant Orchid. Styling an orchid dress with a darker-toned cardigan is one way of rocking the tone on tone look ::

Courtney -53

Courtney -64

Courtney -73

Courtney -76

Here are some other tone-on-tone looks to inspire you ::

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 11.12.25 AM

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 11.10.09 AM

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 11.09.04 AM

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 11.06.43 AM

What are your favorite tone-on-tone looks? We'd love to hear from you. You can hashtag #toneontone on social media and tag us, @lifestyledatlanta on Instagram or visit our facebook page.

Wishing you a stylish Thursday! The weekend is almost here!