the mini skirt

Happy Monday! Let's kick off the week with a fall favorite of mine, the mini skirt. Wait a minute, don't stop reading now! I know what you're thinking... "I can't wear a mini skirt, I'm a mom," or, "I can't wear a mini skirt! I hate my thighs!" Maybe it's, "I'm way too old for a mini skirt!" I'm here to debunk, and confirm, some of those preconceived notions. Mini skirts get a bad rap because they are often associated with showing too much skin or juvenileness. But mini skirts can be classy and chic in the FALL with some simple tips ::

1) You CAN wear a mini skirt if you're a mom. Especially in the fall, because you have a new best friend to help you feel more comfortable. Her name is The Legging.

2) You CAN wear a mini skirt even if you hate your thighs or legs. Once again, enter leggings. And a new friend, The Boot.

3) You're probably right if you think you're too old to wear a mini skirt. Past a certain age, some things tend to look juvenile, inappropriate or like you're trying to hard. Age-appropriateness is key, whether you are 20 or 65. A rule to go by :: If you're over 50, you can safely stay away from the mini skirt, but not skirts in general! Try a skirt that hits anywhere between 1-3 inches above your knee.

A mini skirt can be TOO mini. Make sure you're never wearing a skirt that is more than 6-7 inches above the knee.

I love this leopard mini skirt by Milly, made casual by adding my favorite LOFT sweater and military vest. Notice my opaque black tights {which could easily be substituted by a sweater tight or a thicker legging} and booties {which could easily be substituted by a riding boot or block-heeled boot}.

IMG_6377IMG_6371Topped off with a half-tuck of the sweater and a pendant necklaceIMG_6350So try your hand at a mini {or mini-esque} skirt with leggings or tights and boots this fall. It's a great alternative to pants without the constriction of a pencil or work-related skirt. Choose the "mini" length that works for you. It's all about personal preference and comfort when it comes to your style!