Home Depot Patio Style Challenge Progress | Deck Flooring


Happy Tuesday! If you read the blog last week, you know that I was asked to participate in the Home Depot Patio Style Challenge this spring, and Harrison & I couldn't be more excited! This weekend we got started on our transformation with flooring.

Our patio is one of the only areas of our house that we haven't really touched yet. We cleared out our entire backyard in September and the patio kind of took the backburner after that. Our patio is a small, concrete slab that is just plain dirty looking, stained and it drives me NUTS. (It literally hasn't been touched since the 70's!) So when I got the email from Home Depot, I jumped at the opportunity to transform our patio space from drab to fab!

Enter, BEFORE. Drab is an understatement. It's just plain gross at this point (Tuck doesn't mind it but mama does) :: 

We chose a composite, lock-in deck flooring called Deck-A-Floor to put ontop of our concrete slab and make it look cleaner, bigger and more like a real deck.

This system is really neat; it is raised up off of the concrete surface so that water, etc. won't pile up, and it locks in like a puzzle system. 


We worked our butts off ALL day to get this done, and it was so worth it. P.S. What's hotter than a guy with a saw? ;) 

TA-DA! A clean, nice patio floor! Next, we are adding a copper piping structure around the perimeter of the patio where we will hang outdoor curtains around our new sectional coming soon. Stay tuned for more progress as we chug along!

Flooring + materials c/o The Home Depot