Bumpdate : 20 Weeks

Happy Friday! I realized that I haven't really done a "bumpate" for y'all on the blog since announcing our pregnancy. We hit the 20 week mark earlier this week (YAY) so since we're officially halfway there, I thought I'd share some details about pregnancy thus far! 

11 weeks.jpg
12 weeks.jpg
13 weeks.jpg
14 weeks.jpg
15 weeks.jpg
16 weeks.jpg
17 weeks.jpg
18 weeks.jpg
19 weeks.jpg

I have not taken a 20 week picture yet because my room is a construction zone and I haven't found myself in a dressing room :) 

BUMP: It is growing at a rapid rate! I am starting to feel it push upwards more, making me catch my breath on a simple flight of stairs.. ha! I love my bump. I feel like I started showing a little earlier than most, and I really think that was God letting me enjoy this season just a little bit longer, making it that much sweeter after so much heartache and loss. 

ENERGY: I feel amazing! At exactly 12 weeks and 2 days, I woke up and felt like a human again. So many of you can relate, I'm sure. It is such a crazy feeling going from being in a constant fog with no energy and lots of nausea, to feeling like yourself again. I am thoroughly enjoying the second trimester.

BABY: She is kicking and moving around like crazy most days! She has her mother's love for queso because after thoroughly enjoying a huge bowl of it at dinner one night last week, Harrison felt her kick for the first time! Before that, it was all little flutters and jabs that I would feel on the inside, but that he couldn't feel when he put his hand on my belly. It was seriously SO much fun for him to finally feel her. At all of our ultrasounds and dopplers she has been super active, and even waved to me on yesterday's ultrasound! SO SWEET. 

DO WE HAVE A NAME? Yes, we do! But I won't be sharing it with you until she is born ;)

NURSERY: I told myself that after we hit the 20 week mark, I would really allow myself to start on things like nursery, registry, buying things (even though I have obviously started to do that and let's be honest - my mom is going NUTS with the baby girl clothes) etc. We had it painted last week, the light fixture and curtains are here, wallpaper comes soon and we'll be rolling! I plan to do a nursery reveal, but I'll show you snippets along the way

DUE DATE: Her due date is 1/1/19. Harrison and I are secretly (actually not-so-secretly) hoping that she comes in December so our deductible doesn't restart... ha! But we will be so happy no matter when she decides to come. I'd love a little NYE baby! 

ARE YOU EXCITED TO HAVE A GIRL? I have always dreamed of having a girl. In fact, I've had my nursery planned out for years now and it's always been for a girl. I think since I wanted a girl so badly, I thought we were going to have a boy (which of course we would have been THRILLED about). So when we found out it was a girl, both Harrison and I were totally shocked! Harrison has also always wanted a little girl and will be the best girl dad ever (until she's a teenager and starts dating... then he will be the scariest dad ever). I can't wait to see him wrapped around her little finger.

CRAVINGS: I haven't really had any strong "I have to have this right now" cravings except for Ghirardelli triple chocolate brownies, which I only bake for half of the recommended time. They are gooey and amazing and have to be eaten with a fork. I also love baked potatoes,  but I don't think it's necessarily a craving - more of a "they are good on the tummy" kind of thing. I still get a little queasy over certain foods and baked potatoes are something I can always stomach. Another weird thing? I usually love ice cream and now I don't want it at all. I crave refreshing sweets like fruit, italian ice, popsicles etc. Nothing creamy like ice cream. Weird! 

1) Well, I peed myself the other day. How's that for some humility? Literally wet the bed... never thought I'd say I'm a bed wetter at 29 but there's a first for everything! Gotta keep it real with y'all... In fact I freaked out because I thought my water had broken and went to the doctor who confirmed that yes indeed, I peed my pants involuntarily. Oh, the joys of pregnancy! 

2) The boobs are out of control! Can't say I'm unhappy about it either. I've never seen numbers or letters that big on a bra before... The only downside is they feel like I'm carrying around bowling balls and are constantly sore and ITCHY. Did anyone else have itchy boobs?! I'm the girl walking around in public sneaking boob scratches because it's literally unbearable.

I did want to take a second and thank all of you who reached out after we first announced our pregnancy and reading my post. (if you haven't read it and are interested, click here) Miscarriage is such a devastating thing and a lonely season of life. It helped me to know that others had gone through what I had, and I would love to be there for anyone who is going through it / has gone through it. Thank you to those of you who shared your stories with me, DM'ed me, and have emailed back and forth. We are stronger together and no one ever knows what you're going through unless you share (which I also completely understand is too painful for some people - we all grieve in different ways). Sharing and talking about it with others helped me through that time a lot, so if you are in that lonely, sad season, I know what you are feeling. 

Any other questions for me? Just leave them in the comments below.

Tuckernuck Sale | 25% off Everything


tuckernuck sale.jpg

Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing my favorites from the Tuckernuck sale... 25% off SITEWIDE, 4 days only! I love Tuckernuck and it's pretty rare that they have a sale like this... things are already selling out, so hurry and get your shop on this Friday afternoon!
Here are my favorites: 

White on White + Korede Clutch Giveaway



Happy Tuesday, y'all! Today I'm sharing a fun white on white outfit (bump-friendly but non-maternity) that can go from summer to fall, plus a really fun giveaway! I love this dress because it is great for summer, but can transition into fall with a leather / denim jacket or any kind of layer. I am wearing an XS and it's very forgiving + stretchy! Plus it's on SUPER markdown... I paired it with this natural necklace and snakeskin clutch, making for an all-neutral outfit that still has pops of interest. 


Speaking of clutches, I'm giving one of these away! I've partnered up with KOREDE to give one lucky winner this clutch (in your choice of color - comes in black, snakeskin and red). I love the size of it and it has all the right pockets for everything you need on a day / night out... phone, lipstick, wallet, etc.


If you haven't heard of Korede, here's a little bit more about the working mother who started this brand:

'The korédé brand was born out of a need. A need to be able to carry one bag that was reflective of my identity as a woman but with functionality to suit my identity as a mother. A need to carry just one bag and thereby not switch bags by occasion. A need to be authentically multi-faceted. 
korédé means "Bring Goodness" 
At korédé, we design for all those womaning. We define Womaning as a hero, doing the job of many, at times uncelebrated and  often stylish. We enter into the space of beauty infused with function. Our handbags anticipate the need for function in an unpredictable day with beautiful and timeless designs.'

I chose the snakeskin because it goes with everything, and I think it can be dressed up for occasions like a wedding, cocktail party, etc. But I LOVE the all black version too. Decisions, decisions...

To enter to win, head to my instagram and follow the instructions:
+ follow me & Korede
+ 'like' my photo and theirs
+ tag 3 friends in the comments section
 A winner will be picked THIS Friday, August 3. Good luck! 

Shop my full outfit details below. Necklace is linked HERE

The #NSale Shoes you Need


JPEG image-AC82BF25FB64-2.jpeg

Still shopping the Nordstrom Sale? Don't miss out on these shoes - they are ALL the things! Under $50, SUPER comfortable, flattering on the legs & still in stock in certain colors / sizes. Since they're suede, you can easily take them into fall with jeans, leather jackets, etc. I love everything about them!   

JPEG image-AC82BF25FB64-3.jpeg
JPEG image-AC82BF25FB64-1.jpeg
JPEG image-AC82BF25FB64-4.jpeg

I've linked them below, as well as my other outfit details :

The Cutest Non-Maternity, Bump-Friendly Romper



Happy Monday, y'all! I'm here to interrupt the #NSale with one of my favorite rompers ever. It's non-maternity but bump-friendly, and I wore it before pregnancy, and plan to wear it after. It's forgiving in the tummy area, or enhances a bump depending on how far along you are! It's more of a splurge but I think it's totally #worthit. These cork sandals are a summer staple that will NEVER go out of style


Shop it all below {I'm wearing a size small in the romper}

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites


nsale instagram story.jpg

It's here! It's here! If you're a cardholder, you're here at this post because you're shopping... so I'll get to the point. All my favorites from my try-on session are below, plus some handbag + gift + home favorites at the end. Happy shopping!!


I love this whole outfit. Wit & Wisdom jeans are so flattering and such a great price point (I'm wearing a size 4 for reference - they are unbuttoned ha!) This sweater is sooo cozy and cute for fall. I love the neckline. You can't go wrong with a blanket scarf and the colors in this one are so pretty! Last but not least, these wedge sneakers look almost identical to my favorite Linea Paolo ones but they are cheaper! So comfortable and true to size. These rose gold Kendra Scott earrings are everything! I have them in solid gold and wear them all the time. 


I love any jumpsuit - especially a red one! This is SO flattering, fits like a glove and I love the bow because it kind of disguises the tummy area (unless of course you're preggers, then it enhances it!) This JCrew necklace is part of the sale and is a great summer staple.


LOVE this jacket. This color goes with everything and I'd recommend sizing down if you're in between sizes. I'm wearing a small, but I would have gotten the XS. This is a fun floral top that's super flowy and great for layering! These booties. I get a pair of Blondo booties during the sale every few years because they're AMAZING. So comfortable, waterproof, flattering ankle length - they've got it all. These are a definite must-have.


Army jacket! Love this one. So lightweight and I love the contrast stitching. These jeans are AG and they are amazing. If I weren't pregnant, I would be grabbing these STAT. I am already trying to find the maternity version! I also love these leopard slides. They'll never go out of style!


These are the same AG jeans, plus these perforated DV booties. So comfortable, easy to throw on with everything, and true to size. I also love this top - even though it's basic, it is a flattering neckline and can be dressed up or down easily.


Can't miss the workout wear! Zella is my favorite and I was in need of a new sports bra (hello, boobs!) and I love this one so much. Here are the pants (which fit over my bump as of now - I went up to a M).


In LOVE with these shoes and even more in love with the price tag. This is a super soft, comfy Zella tank which I love for my barre classes! 


This white top is great for throwing on over workout wear or just with yoga pants, etc. Easy and basic!


Okay - this dress is a MAJOR winner. It is ridiculously cheap ($29), and SO cute if you have a baby bump! I got it in this color and black, and I'm wearing a size small. Paired with my favorite Blondo booties.


Wouldn't normally pick this dress off the hanger, but it's really fun and different. I'm wearing an XS and this would be so cute with tights and black over-the-knee boots in the winter.


Another bump-friendly winner! I plan to wear this on date night because it enhances the bump and the bust ;) It's double layered so you feel really sucked in and not like you're exposing every bump and lump... I am in a size small. LOVE this one.


Perfect moto jacket in the perfect pretty neutral color. Love! Size down.


This was the only coat I found that I really loved. It's so classic, the perfect weight, and will never go out of style. I also love the color because it literally goes with whatEVER you wear underneath. It buttons over the bump but I rarely button my coats all the way so I think I'll be able to wear this all the way through pregnancy.


How cute is this navy number?! I'm wearing a size 4P and it's bump-friendly if I were wearing it NOW. It's not super stretchy so it won't grow with me, but it's also super cute for non-bumpers. Just fun and flirty while also being classic!


Love, love this jumpsuit! Cute ruffle detailing, can be worn now or go into fall with a jacket! Wearing a size small and it's plenty roomy in the tummy area. Great for bumps and non-bumps alike.


The Nordstrom Sale 2018


Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 11.22.18 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 11.25.40 AM.png

Happy Tuesday, y'all! I've gotten a lot of questions about whether I'll be sharing my favorites from the Nordstrom Sale this year and the answer is, absolutely! Nordstrom is my home away from home and I'll be bringing you all my favorite stela and deals. But, I don't want to be annoying or overwhelming so I'm going to do my best to not bombard you with too much on social media. All my picks will be here on the blog, so tune in if you're interested!

Remember, if you want to shop the Nordstrom sale with me (in person or online), make sure you email me for an appointment! And if you haven't heard about the Yearly Style Subscription that I launched yesterday, click here for more details. You can use some of the in-person or online shopping hours in that package towards the sale! **The past couple of years I have realized that the inventory in stores is (obviously) much less than online. It has proven really beneficial for me to shop with clients in the store and then supplement with online shopping links, or just do the whole thing online! If you're interested in this, just email me.

Here's a rundown of how the sale works, what to look out for / buy, etc: 


Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 11.22.32 AM.png

JULY 11 :: Level 4 cardholders get to pre-shop the sale a day early
EARLY ACCESS (Nordstrom cardholders) :: July 12-19
SALE OPEN TO ALL :: July 20-August 5
*You can still apply for a card to gain early access (and in my opinion it is COMPLETELY worth it because you can do debit or credit - there is no reason to not be getting rewards!) If you don't have a card and don't want a card, don't worry. They keep plenty of stock on hand for regular access, so not everything will be sold out by the time you get to shop! 

what's on sale?
SO. MANY. THINGS. But mainly, it's the best time to stock up on fall items. From designer denim, to coats, to boots and more, you will leave this sale wanting fall to come NOW, and your wardrobe will be fully equipped for the next season! I also love their exercise gear that goes on sale (particularly Zella & ALO), and there are a ton of beauty buys, great gifting items to stock up on and keep on hand, and lots of designer deals. This leather jacket remains one of my favorite NSale purchases of all time. 

nsale insta 3.jpeg

what i'm shopping for
Here are some examples of what I'm looking for this year, and what I bought last year...
designer denim at a fraction of the regular price
a great pair of fall boots / booties,
vests & outerwear
candle packs for gift giving
workout wear
beauty tools that never go on sale, Clarisonic + more
a great fall bag
Kendra Scott jewelry

shopping tricks? 
Go as early as you can, or pick obscure hours! AKA, if you're able, go right when they open at 10AM. Don't go at lunchtime because it will be a mad house. Don't go right after work. The best deals go QUICK so the early bird gets the worm!

Head back over here on Thursday to start shopping the sale with me!

The Yearly Style Subscription


Product Launch Graphics.jpg

Happy Thursday, friends! Today I am finally sharing something that's been in the works for awhile and that I feel is going to be so beneficial for all of my clients! Introducing the Lifestyled Atlanta Yearly Style Subscription... Instead of scheduling your wardrobe consults, revamps, & shopping trips here and there throughout the year, you can get over $2200 worth of services for a fraction of the price - not to mention an abundance of exclusive access for subscribers; including a customized online portal where you can keep track of all your Look Books, shopping lists, shopping links and idea + style boards that I send you. The style subscription includes multiple hours worth of wardrobe consulting, personal shopping & online shopping services, as well as unlimited access to advice from me when you're in any style situation. That means if you're in a dressing room, getting ready for a night out, or just browsing online, you can shoot me a text with a photo and get my advice. Here's a rundown of what the Yearly Style Subscription includes:

  •  2 wardrobe consults to use in each season (spring/summer + fall/winter)
  • 4 hours of personal shopping to use at your convenience
  • online portal with access to your personalized Look Books, shopping lists and links, inspiration boards, a messaging center to send & receive files and links, and more!
  • 4 virtual shopping sessions (I send you online shopping links for whatever season, occasion or trip you have coming up)
  • unlimited outfit + style advice via text (between the hours of 10AM - 5PM)

I'm so excited to start offering this because not only does it save you money, it will hopefully make your life EASIER! Don't worry about keeping track of the emails I send you with your Look Books, shopping links etc... they'll all be in one spot now. Plus, it gives me the knowledge and ability to work with your wardrobe over a full year so that we can get it exactly where we want it to be.

So what are you waiting for?! The Style Subscription has officially launched and lucky for you, there's an incredible EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $1200 for all who purchase within THE NEXT WEEK. After that, the price goes up to $1500 (still a steal with over $2200 worth of services!)

To purchase, just click HERE.
As always, I am here to answer any questions you may have! You have a year from the date of purchase to use your services.  Remember, I want this to work well for YOU, so some special circumstances / situations may be accommodated to extend further than a year.

product launch details.jpg

We're having a BABY!



Happy Fourth of July, y'all! I am SO excited to finally share why I've been pretty absent on social media and the blog these last few months... WE'RE PREGNANT! Harrison and I are literally over the moon excited to welcome a little GIRL (!!) arriving January 1, 2019. The past few months have been filled with anxiety, hopefulness, sickness, EXTREME exhaustion and lots of JOY as we got to see a healthy baby at each consecutive appointment after going through more than a year of losses (More on that below). It has been a long and winding road to get here, but we couldn't be more overjoyed and excited and SHOCKED that God has chosen us to be parents to this little baby girl! As you can imagine, I cannot WAIT for all things nursery, yummy little girl clothes and having a miniature partner-in-crime for life. We're officially in the second trimester so stay tuned for lots of things coming to the blog! Bump-friendly fashion (yep- I've already got quite the bump!), nursery inspo and so much more. We just truly, truly can't wait. So next 4th of July, we'll be adding a little firecracker to our crew at the beach!

I also realize that sharing this news brings mixed emotions for many of you reading this and I just want to say that I understand. After over a year of miscarriages and feeling hopeless, scared and unsure of what our future looked like in terms of growing our family, we find ourselves here in this place of such joy and seeing God's goodness and faithfulness in our lives. It was not an easy year; our faiths were tested, our marriage was tested, we watched as friends and others around me were able to easily get pregnant and had to fight feelings of resentfulness and anger. I know the feeling of wanting to delete Instagram and Facebook because you just can't bear to see another pregnancy announcement. I just want to let you know that if you have gone through / are going through miscarriage, loss, infertility issues, etc. that I am ALWAYS here to chat - even through the internet! - and that even though this place you're in can feel so lonely, you are NOT alone. And if you are in this season, I highly recommend Ellie Holcomb's album 'Red Sea Road', particularly the song 'Find you Here.' 

Thank you for reading and following along, even when I am not posting as regularly! I promise to bring you all some super fun content in the coming weeks and months.



 right after we found out what we were having! 

right after we found out what we were having! 

Summer Statement Earrings


lisi lerch & lilac.jpeg

Happy almost-first-day-of-summer (even though it feels like we've been in the thick of it for awhile now- holy heat!) You all know I have a love affair with statement earrings and this season has brought some of the cutest ones I've ever seen! Also - I'm seeing an animal / bird trend that I'm totally on board with. I just ordered these and cannot wait to get them in. 

Here's a round-up of all my current favorites. You can shop them below the image! 

summer statement earrings.jpg