Friday Feature :: Favorite Eyeshadow Palette

TGIFF! This Friday, I'm featuring my favorite eyeshadow palette, the Lorac PRO Palette. Everyone seemed to be all about the Naked Eyeshadow Palette this season. I happened to ask for it for Christmas, and ended up getting both the Naked2 and the Lorac sets. Let me tell you, this Lorac set blew the Naked2 out of the water! The shadows go on super easily, while I found that you had to get a lot on your brush with Naked2 for it to even show up on your eye. The colors in the Lorac palette are much more vibrant, and there are shades to compliment every eye color; from blush & champagne, to mauve, to espresso & plum.

Screen shot 2014-03-21 at 9.49.35 AM

A few tips ::

  • the eyeshadow primer is a MUST. It helps the shadow stay on all day long, and into the night. It also helps prevent the loose powder that can sometimes drop below and around your eyes during application.
  • here's my regimen with this -- I start with WHITE directly beneath my brow. I then move to LIGHT PINK and cover the rest of my lid with that. I apply MAUVE in the crease of my lid, followed by GOLD ontop of that and LIGHT BRONZE on my lower lid. I then use SABLE in the crease for a more daytime, casual look, or ESPRESSO or DEEP PURPLE in the crease for a more dramatic, nighttime look. This is perfect for brown eyes. Follow with a thick black {or brown} liner and you'll be good to go!





What is your favorite go-to eyeshadow palette? Please share! You can hashtag #fridayfeature on Instagram, or comment on our Facebook page!

Wishing you a stylish and relaxing weekend with {hopefully} some lovely spring weather!